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The problem with boku no hero is that every girl is best girl.
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Earphone jack girl isnt best shes not even good
>Africa even more of a shithole
>Places like Venezuela and Brazil under constant strife
>Brazilian favelas run by superpowered drug lords
>All the most crime ridden parts of America quarantined in an Escape from New York situation

International arc fucking when

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Just finished this.
What the fuck?
Based MC actally picked best girl instead of the autistic one.
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Hey, hey I just wanted to post this since I rarely have the chance.
Thank you for your time
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OP confirmed for shittiest taste in the whole world

Noe meant everything to the plot, story, the tone. Hiromi meant nothing
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Ai ends up as a good girl, Noe is too cute for sex. Fuck Hiromi and take responsibility.

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How could a manga that gave us an arc as fantastic as the Golden Age fall so far? What the fuck happened?

Was Griffith's brutal fall from grace and rebirth as a monster some kind of 6D meta foreshadowing?
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He was just butthurt that Guts wouldn't fuck him in the ass. That's literally it.
Read the manga again
He is a bad guy so shut the fuck up
Losing a friend don't made your mind to shit
The pathway was set as soon as an arc ends.

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Anybody else upset we never saw every bankai?

Like what the fuck could Aizen's bankai have been?
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His Bankai involved 4th wall manipulation to erase the true final act of Bleach.
I bet Shinji's Bankai involves reversing body movements

If you move your left arm then it's really your right arm etc
I don't know why people always theorized that it was a reality warping power as that doesn't make any sense. Bankais were an amplification of the base powers and themes of a Zanpakuto. Aizen has a sensory manipulator for his power.

Either the Bankai was a memory manipulator and/or total brainwash device. Or it was like global illusions. First was Facebook's power and the second is literally the Infinite Tsukoyomi.

Aizen's shikai was too strong to make an interesting Bankai to.

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Vatican Kiseki Chousakan .jpg
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Can priests love priests?
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Is this a sin
i like how this picture also contains the jumpscare skeleton from episode 3
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That motherfucker almost gave me a heart attack.

Also Lauren is the first anime in ages where I was really thought the guy was a girl. (Pic unrelated)

This anime is surprising me. What a wild ride.

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It seems like most male protagonists have bland tiny rooms with only a bed and maybe a desk. Usually they won't even have a computer, and if they do it's almost always to emphasis that they are a neet /otaku.

Can anyone think of any characters that had cool looking rooms no particular reason?
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I have a bland tiny room with only a bed and desk
I have a bland tiny room with only a bed and desk and some miku stuff on the wall.
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Non-H yaoi romance by Kinta fucking when?

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Yearly /a/ VOTOMS thread
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After watching Roots of Ambition and Pailsen Files, it was weird seeing Pailsen being killed so unceremoniously during The Last Red Shoulder.
It's funny how even with his obsession about Chirico he never truly found the truth about him.
Also, it's weird seeing those prequels making such a big emphasis on the "abnormal survivor" thing that wasn't even a thing in the TV series.
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RIP Gregore, Murza, and Byman.
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moshi moshi
Have you seen Fyana?

>Being nice to the guy you like
This is somehow bad?
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I laugh at how wrong you are
>Muh conspiracy theory that doesn't even make sense
Manami a shit.

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Even the artist doesn't give a shit about the series anymore. Latest pic of Iroha looks like the artist just drew the head and pasted it over a traced real woman's body.
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Damn, this is terrible
>looks like
That's exactly what he did. The he had the audacity to sign his "work."
can someone find the actual source image for this

What's her appeal?
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Sexual tension of a cute tsundere.
Air Intake

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In the end who has the best anime taste?
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Is watamote even worth watching

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Why do men go nuts for large breasts?
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Anyone else rewatching anything? I was in the mood for some shounen shit so I decided to watch Yu Yu Hakusho again, it holds up surpisingly well.
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I've been rewatching SZS s1, and I'm just amazed every episode at all the references I understand/can appreciate now.

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the pride jobbers dbz 7890.jpg
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Why was universe 11 so hyped up?
the pride jobbers all suck besides jiren and toppo
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Because Jihren is retarded OP, so much so he makes the entire mediocre universe the favorite to win.
feels like I'm wearing nothing at all
Toppo went toe to toe with SSB Goku... but so did Frieza, 17, Jobhan and even Krillin.

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Why is she the best waifu?
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Thats not nero.

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