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So what exactly is Mugi's background? She's heavily implied to be of partially Finnish ancestry (hence why she's the one blonde in a school of black and brown-haired Japanese girls), with her last name suggesting that the Finnish comes from her mother's side--that is, a Japanese businessman married a Finnish woman and had Tsumugi. However, blonde hair is a recessive gene, so shouldn't she have brown or black hair? This opens up the possibility of her being fully Finnish but that her parents changed their surnames after moving to Japan.
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She's adopted
You're adopted.
That's impossible. I've seen the video of my birth.

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Is this the worst written show of all time?

Seriously the show looked so good, and had some interesting ideas, but holy fuck is it a train wreck of a story.
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What a waste of a nice ED too
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Worse than half of the trash that comes out every season?

Wose than the Cellphone isekai show

None of it makes any sense.

But for those who have no idea how bad this is here are some plot points.

Apparently 'god' is some 16 year old girl who go raped by her father and then split her personalities into a 10 year old girl. Why is she god? Never explained.

Around 1000 years after this 'god' exists a super futuristic world where all human needs are taken care off runs off super power satellites.

For some reason an AI which represents a 10 year old girl, and a 16 year old girl who was raped by her father can combine to become the key to this super AI world.

Since the system is so old it's falling apart, but for some unexplained reason if they combine it can repair itself and humans can live in utopia longer.

God for some reason lives in a hidden space elevator, which is garded by a faction which thinks this super AI is a god like figure and warships them.

The warshippers turn out to actually be clones of the 16 year old girl who was raped in 2000, pre 1000 year skip, so they could create this key.

There is a faction who wants to take down the satelatite, and manage to capture both the 10 year old ai and 16 year old girl.

However because plot convience (I can literally think of no other reason) the 16 yeaar old girl decides she wants to see if she can convince the religious cult otherwise so she runs away back to them.

FUUUUCKKKKK it's so bad. It's sooooo internally inconsistent. It maakes NOOOO FUCKING SENSE WHAT SO EVER.


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What was your favorite anime in high school?
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that is one weird looking pussy

Rate my wife /a/
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please respond
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Rate my wife /a/

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I AM ...
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Manga > Anime
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Was it actually good, or just a meme?
It's good but it will probably fly over your head since you have to know a lot of anime and the personal stories of many of the staff and a fair amount of japanese culture both obscure and mundane.

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Hoeh! Are you going to watch the new CCS?
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Of course I will, but I don't expect much.
Sakura looks so beautiful now
I will. I'm actually reasonably hopeful. The art is an immediately noticeable downgrade, but I can envision everything else going right.

Zettai daijoubu dayo.

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Why don't more shows have scenes like this?
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Most shows are better than this tripe.
Name one
Made in Abyss
Rakugo Shinjuu
Flip Flappers
Flying Witch
Mob Psycho
Tatami Galaxy
Ping Pong
Cowboy Bebop
Haibane Renmei
And so on.

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new crab
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Remove Senjougahara
Have more Senjougahara
More Madoka

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Who is the thirstiest girl in anime?

Pic related
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This slut
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How do I learn to fight like Rin?
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Watch martial arts videos on youtube and practice at home
Spend a year in the slums of Falconia
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You've angered Rin. How do you survive?

inb4: dude weed lmao

Have you ever had a really bad trip on a high dose of Mushrooms or LSD? I've got a theory, I think that Serial Experiments Lain was inspired by a bad trip on psychedelic drugs.

Fear, confusion, ego-loss, loss of contact with reality, abstract thoughts, deep thoughts about family, suicidal thoughts, paranoia, hallucinations, isolation and etc. Lain also looks high as fuck most of the time. Those weird power pole sounds, the echoes sounds is exactly the same sounds you hear when you're on psychedelic drugs.

I can't think of an anime, movie or even books to describe a bad and deep "trip" on psychedelic drugs better than Lain.



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pls dont bring your normalfag tier shit to /a/ and just kill yourself
>needing drugs to enjoy art

So a new persona 5 anime is coming out next year
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It's going to be shit like every other Persona anime before it.
Persona gay

Going to be shit just like the game

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How exactly do you get drunk from a few chocolates?
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Idk, i never got drunk
Jap girls weigh like 80 pounds.
Liqueur chocolates will make you drunk in no time at all.

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Is there a more iconic ending in anime than this?
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No, they copied Kamina's death
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Will Japan ever mourn another character like they did with Rikiishi?

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