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No replies in the DB for this post!

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What is it about the New Game girls that make them so extremely breedable?
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They're females.
untapped potential = $$$

I watched this show back when I was a youngling too stupid to understand anything about anything. It was my favorite show immediately because it was the first show I watched that wasn't a battle shounen and it had lots of violence, but I was only eleven when I watched it and I couldn't even keep with the subs speed at times. I just rewatched the first episode and I am shocked at how I didn't remember anything, and at the fake SoL aspect. Is it actually a master piece? Is it bad? What should I expect?
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it's a great show, that much /a/ can agree on.
also, mion is best girl
I'd recommend reading the VN. The anime isn't that bad, but it cuts a lot of shit out and focuses more on the gore than the characters.
All the threads I've been in trash the anime.
>mion is best girl
Good taste.

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What the fuck is this shit?

Why everybody looks like artoria?

Why is every one getting gender bender'd
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Was Jeanne a man in your timeline?
His name was Jean.
Did he have a horsey face?

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I hope you haven't forgotten me already /a/.
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What is the sexiest type of waifu pantsu?
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A dead one
Waifu does not mean anime girl.
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>Submitting movie to the Academy in a VERY crowded year of critically-acclaimed animated films.
>Not waiting until after its US release for word-of-mouth to build.

Man, Funimation really fucked up its Oscar chances, didn't it?
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Literally who cares?
>caring about Oacars
>mobile poster
>punctuation in greentext
>thumbnail image
Good thread.
It doesn't deserve an Oscar anyway. If Kaguya Hime didn't get it, this shit TRULY does not deserve it.

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This may be an odd thing to pick, but my least favorite thing from my favorite anime is the opening/ending music. It's old J-pop type music. It doesn't fit at all with anything else in the show.
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Why do Japs love Iranian history and culture so much?


the list just goes on, aren't Japs in love with Chink culture while being in denial about it?
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>the list just goes on,
Does it?

Location is not the same as culture.
I want to stick my dick in those voluptuous boobies
Gilgamesh was written by Iranians and spread by the locals

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Hey, onii-chan, I need me some potato chippies.
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You don't need them, I know about your secret stash
Go back to /v/ kid.
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Umaru's not a kid

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ITT: Sequels only you are looking forward to but /a/ isn't.
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How about you ask >>>/h/

/h/ mods hate Ran->Sem. They always delete RS related threads on there.
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>draw a girl
>have a female seiyuu
>it's a boy
they can't keep getting away with it
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I wish they'd hire more feminine sounding boys if I'm being honest with you
Daisuke Ono?
>>have a female seiyuu
Isn't this common for boys, even ones that aren't traps?

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Neotony (from Greek νέος neos "young" and τείνειν teínein "stretch"/"stretch out" -> stretching out of youth) denotes the delaying or slowing of the physiological development of an organism. In this case it results in: Small and stubby nose, larger skull and (undepicted) short arms and legs.

Do you see the parallels to cute anime girls?

Also, do the adult dog and bird look slightly autistic to you, too?
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And the rabbit looks like it has PTSD.
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And huge breasts.

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Create one of the best waifus i've ever seen. Turns her into a lesbian... Why do nips do this, dragon maid would have been better if Kobayashi was a boy.
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Maid dragon would have been better if it was about Kobayashi taking care of Kanna.
underage ESL twitchfag comit suicide
I'm not sure what exactly your issue is. Kobayashi doesn't really look like a woman. Isn't the problem really in your head? You keep thinking girl-on-girl is wrong, and then you see symmetrical docking where there isn't any. Your homophobia is ruining good wholesome stories.

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Fagmask McSpiky Shoulder?
Is it Jigi?

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