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With how well recieved Japanese voice acting seems to be compared to English voice acting in the Media, how would you feel if the Japanese voice acting industry replaced the English voice acting industry entirley (such as voice work in western cartoons)?
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I love it in Anime where it belongs.

But hell will freeze over before I let that Logographic, 3 ways of writing, honorific ridden, onyomi kunyomi, lack of sounds for an alphabetic, double consonant having language take over English animation.

Especially when the dumpster fire of 5,000 kanji compared to a beautiful 26 letters becomes a requirement just to watch Bob's Burgers.
To each its own.

And I dislike english dubbing/voices or how it sounds in general.
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I'm so tired of this seiyuu meme. The japs could literally speak in the most retarded voice alive with a stutter trying to represent Alucard or some shit and some of you would still say it's better than dub.

Dub > Sub. No bait. I hate the Japanese language with a passion.

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Who are the best boys of their series?
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Have you ever identified with an anime/manga character on a personal level?
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Just once.
Yeah. As one of the background characters.
>medaka box will never get a s3
Fuck this gay earth

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Why do easily impressed plebs love him so much?
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So you're telling me everyone in the animation industry is an easily impressed pleb, huh?
Wow surely this isn't bait or anything
His work is easy to identify because it has such a strong visual identity so new people to paying attention to directors can easily be a fan. Same with people like Yuasa, Shinbo, Yamada and so on. Not that there's anything wrong with any of them including Dezaki.
I dont know who is that dude

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>tfw you'll never experience Rock Lee vs Gaara for the first time again ;___;
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>tfw no more epic fights with side-characters in Shippuuden
You two are fucking faggots.
>not being able to appreciate cool fights

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How can you hate this smile?
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So, how did the LN end? Did Kyon finally fuck God?
Because she's as funny as Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer. So she deserves to die.

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I'm coming fresh off of a drive wipe so can we have a reaction thread?
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>Not storing your important info on your home sever

You deserve this Anon. Lurk like everybody else.
Well, wasn't expecting that response. You sure you just dont wanna post some reactions while you're here?
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Go to the archive and look for reaction image threads.

Which K-On would make the best fuck? Also, what would each one be into?
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is there actually any decent site to watch this on? Hulu is such cancer
I'd expect good shit from her.

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post your literally-who-fu
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Fuck off with the image dump thread.
This is an image board.

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Hunter x Hunter is a shoune-
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We had a nice discussion about Emission hatsu yesterday. Let's talk Manipulation this time.

Can you manipulate shit like air or gravity? Sounds like a pretty cool hatsu idea.

So I just started watching pic related for the first time. While I like the animation, visual style and plot, I absolutely hate this voice acting.

Characters, especially Speedwagon, always seem to react wrongly to events. Speedwagon always has this extremely exaggerated "amazed" tone of voice even for moments when he should be pretty calm. And his face is almost always depicting fear but his voice never matches it.
I also hate the WWE announcer style monologues they get to explain every single shit they're about to do

I'm also a bit bothered about JoJo and Dio's proportions, they're absolutely fucked up, and JoJo's face has 0 consistency and gets pretty grotesque/low detail at times .

I'm 6 episodes in, does this ever improves??
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>does this ever improves?

No, but it grows on you
your first mistake would be watching the anime instead of reading the manga
Part 1 is messy and the pacing was all over the place, later on it becomes more structured and toned

what does /a/ think about the manga adaptation of end of evangelion?
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Did some neat stuff and it was nice seeing them change some stuff around, but I prefer the movie end personally. I will say /a/ jumping the gun about Asuka "winning" from the RAWs was hilarious.
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It has the worst trope that I despise.
The everyone forgot the events of the story.

I prefer the Movie's ending. It has more of an impact compared to the manga's ending.
The TV end is still the best one, it was okay but not as good as the movie end.

What are you expecting from the new chapters?
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what are you talking about?
Arakawa is doing more chapters for fma
when does the live action take place

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When did Fate become a brand name for shitty, half-baked content made to get a quick buck? What happened to the good old days? Now you have a bunch horrible spinoffs without an ounce of the greatness that made Fate so beloved. It's not unique anymore. Does Nasu have no shame over what his creation has become or is the money too much?
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Either Apocrypha or the moon cell games. From there on it was pretty much just about showing off servants instead of any sort of story
In my day, you could buy candy for a nickel!
The money is too much... I don't think they even show off servants anymore, they just put a skirt on a name and that's pretty much it. I also think that it started with/around the moon cell games, though.
But anon, we just have to do the only sensitive thing for people who likes the franchise: choose the few works that you like and think that somehow fit and stick to them, ignoring the other parts existence. The only problem with this is what just happened for me: personally I almost liked apocrypha and I saw a little bit of potential in it (which is much, much more than what I can say of some other side materials)... but well, I don't think I have to explain how I feel right now when seeing... it all.

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You are given all rights to the Dragon Ball franchise and are free to do whatever you want with the series. What do you do?
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super sayian lava
Sell them to the highest bidder and live a more comfy life.
I would prevent all the shit that made this shit show become shit in the first place.

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