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Post those episodes of an anime that you find perfect in every way.
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All of Tatami is 10/10 but I feel like ep 11 is the best one because it's so rare to get a satisfying ending like that in anime.
Looks boring.
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Alright, faggots.
We're singing TRAINROLL, all 15 minutes of it.

Deadline is the 16th of August which is in 2 weeks, so be quick and submit before then, else I can't guarantee you getting in.
I may extend it if no one shows up in time.

This is how this shit will work:
-The lyrics are broken up by character album. Singing the entire thing all the way through would be a pain.
-Record all the parts individually, as many as you'd like. The files should be named "n.ext", where n is the volume number, and ext can be any extension.
-Email your parts (and any questions you have) to [email protected]

Remember, only include your VOICE, not any background music.

Link to torrent of albums:
This 7z contains all the lyrics and instructions.
It doesn't include an off vocal, because I have to make my own for the project.
You really only have to worry about the Romaji. The moon was there for reference.

(copy and pasted; edited to fit my needs. thx)
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Is Oreimo too complex for /a/ to understand?
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its shit
Considering the never ending discussion about it yeah, it's too deep for /a/. Which is funny because it's not really complex.
greatest love story ever told

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Why is he called imperfect when he's clearly superior than his other forms?
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Editor is a fucking hack
Why is he called cell when he's a multicellular organism
they failed english

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>his waifu wears panties
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Mine doesn't.
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>his waifu has below average intelligence while mine has high intelligence
At last my waifu isn't a slut.

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The ass was fat.
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Fat gyaru elf ass is sexy.
t. High test alpha male

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Was it rape?
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She was kissing him passionately
not rape
Did she get the heart pupils? It's not rape if their pupils have little hearts.

Reminder that Android 18 is beautiful.
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Not on my watch.
Reminder that you are beautiful
true otp

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What are the major problems with the story of Attack on Titan (manga)? I'll start.

>Characters like Mikasa and Eren straight up get no development past the first few arcs or get their development retconned out.
>Zeke is set up to be an intimidating shifter that's on a different level from what we've seen before but is even easier for Levi to beat than Annie.
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>muh "caracter development"

whats your problem here?
Eren goes from ragetard to fully redpilled depressive lunatic.
And Mikasa dont need development. She is the clingy Badass and thats all e want from her. What do you want from her?

Levi could beat the female titan too but some stupid women fucked up his leg.
it's just shit
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>And Mikasa dont need development. She is the clingy Badass and thats all e want from her. What do you want from her?
How about a clingy badass AND a developed character anon?

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Why are reifags so intimidated by Asuka's superiority?
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how can you fags do this for over a decade. asuka is great. rei is good too. misato is somewhere in between. who cares? they're all fine.
It is because autism has become an epidemic.
>asuka is great. rei is good too. misato is somewhere in between
What exactly are you implying?

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When is Nasu going to milk the Alters dry? My wallet is ready.
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I'll give him a call after work and find out. Sit tight, anon.
Thanks, lad. Tell him his pirate is waiting for it, he'll know.
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Alters 90.png
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>/a/ calls a movie series shit when it's only 3/4 complete

This is why no one respects your opinion. Of course 3.33 isn't going to answer your questions, the story isn't done.

Notably this isn't the first time you dumb dumbs have fallen into this trap, is it? It's just like the end of the series until End of Evangelion.

It's true what they say, I guess, you really never did understand anything. The fourth movie will come out and answer your questions and suddenly you will all pretend that you liked 3 all along, to fit in and pretend you aren't a braindead retard. But you will be a braindead retard. You'll always be a braindead retard.
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>How do you know it's shit, it's only 3/4 out
I don't argue with analogy posters. I'm not participating in fantasy land discussions that are irrelevant.

Besides I win every time anyway because I just post my analogy about my magic apple pie that wins all analogy arguments.
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I like 3.33 and have always liked it; it's my favourite reboot.

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absolutely disgusting.jpg
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>OP by Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
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Madhouse really loves them don't they?
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It worked ok, only the OP size though.

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Why aren't cars featured more in anime?
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Doesn't even look happy to be driving that FD. Must need an LS swap.
only the very wealthy are able to afford motor-vehicles in japan
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Cause most Japs can't afford them

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Read the guide buyfag.moe
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Reminder that prepainted Lily never!
so many lewd figures, goddamn my dick
>10th anniversary Yoko scale never

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