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How is it possible that you screw up saving the world with time manipulation ability? Just rewind time until you win.
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Every time she did Madoka got stronger. At some point Homura would have lost control and Madoka's wish would have destroyed everything before she could go back. She couldn't risk any more resets.
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If anything she's lucky she never screwed up and got killed by some witch before reaching the final timeline.

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What the FUCK is her problem?
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Worst girl.
best girl

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Are your waifus pleasing you?
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You seem to have used "waifu" to mean favourite female anime or manga character out of a certain series. Oops!

Don't worry, I've got your back. I suggest that you should learn what it means, by lurking more. Alternatively you could visit a a website more suited to your kind, for example r/anime.

Thanks for reading!

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Best anime of the year? Animation keeps to the art of ONE and the comedy is well played out. Not to mention dat top-tier animation. srsly, when this season is done, I'm dropping acid and watching through it again.
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is this a meme now?
your life is a meme.
My nigga knows wassup. Mob Psycho killin it, best anime of the decade fo sho.

No but real talk. If they keep this quality up it will be one of the best anime this year easily. Top 5 i would say, depending on your taste.
But let the show talk for itself no need to hype it up people will notice it themselves.

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Do you remember /a/?
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Man, I didn't like Ume, but with how angry everyone got you'd think she was a reincarnated Stalin.
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Is it lunchtime already?

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Let's be honest here, Berserk is total edgy garbage outside of the Golden Age arc.
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Lost Children isn't edgier than Golden Arc

Not that you remembered reading it because you have shit tier taste
>Lost Children isn't edgier than Golden Arc

You have no idea what you're talking about. Kill yourself.
I'm put off by how much graphic rape it has

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God damn, when will Tosh go back to drawing porn?
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Never. And I don't even mad. His porn is pretty boring
Shit is too vanilla
2nd for Meatfu

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dimples edition

any recent news about anything?
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Aoi was a guest in Chiaking's program yesterday.
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Sumire is the sunshine in my instagram feed.

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>wake up
>see this
What do
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Wake up
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Fuck her hot mom.

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>watch the dub
>she actually speaks German
How fucking hard would it have been for Anno to get Asuka's VA some German lessons?
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>jap already sound cringe and speak English improperly
>expecting German to go better
I could at least dream that Japan might one day improve their language learning skills
>asukafags dialogue isn't red
>watch the dub
>all the character have the emotive capacity of a brick
How hard would it have been for ADV to get its employees some acting lessons?

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Could not care less at this point; the remake adds nothing to the original. I get it, the remake is worth tonnes of money, but I still wish they'd just make a new IP.
They can't. Gainax is gome. All they can do is apologize now.

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After this weeks chapter where we see Sanji blocking edged weapon - iron spear sharp edge - with his leg I am even more into thinking that Vergo will really get to be revealed as DF user. He has to live through explosion and he already forgotten that he is not a swordsman - why would he not forget to mention he ate Alloy DF?

There is a ton of reasons to think that and in one of volumes his panel was put in opposite end of pages with Kidd - natural enemies much.

I know its old theory but with Sanjis blocking from this weeks chapter its hard not to get reminded about Vergo cracking his leg with simple kick.
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Self bump - even Sanji said Vergo is made of metal in english volume.
Vergos haki is just stronger than Sanjis

Even if Vergos haki is stronger than it also must mean that Vergos leg is as hard as Sanjis so he can go through Sanjis haki and with haki and leg durability he can crack Sanji bone.

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Dumping new chapter for as long as my shitty wifi allows
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Never forget.
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I take it this is what DBZ fans want them to look like?
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Better than them looking like they have aids
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ITT: Criminally Underrated Animus
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Overdramatic shit.
If anything, it's overrated.
Complete garbage trash that I wouldn't even make an autistic child watch
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