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The only woman who mattered in Bakuon!!
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Kawasaki > the rest
File: Silverwing 1981 001.jpgx.jpg (229KB, 1024x768px)Image search: [Google]
Silverwing 1981 001.jpgx.jpg
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>tfw rolling with this.
Got it from my father

File: sakurafish.jpg (22KB, 301x320px)Image search: [Google]
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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Sakura fish
File: 1407874493262.png (270KB, 464x395px)Image search: [Google]
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>always liked it
>gets posted everyday
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I am indifferent to it.

File: The best kind of fhtagn.jpg (60KB, 608x342px)Image search: [Google]
The best kind of fhtagn.jpg
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Why doesn't he just give her the D?
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because she will take it and fuck his eyes out with it
Because she's a literal tentacle monster!
>Instead of giving her the Dick, he bullies her with forks
Mahiro doesn't deserve Nyaruko's love

File: female abuse.jpg (39KB, 640x360px)Image search: [Google]
female abuse.jpg
39KB, 640x360px
If Reinhardt is so strong, then why would he hurt a woman?
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Because the hammer of justice is unisex.
This fight scene was fucking great. That shockwave he did with his foot was sweet. and the kick was extremely visceral.
File: 57679119_p0_master1200.jpg (328KB, 800x600px)Image search: [Google]
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Because he's gay, and gay men are sexist to women.

File: 1469128908901.png (476KB, 611x720px)Image search: [Google]
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How much for the bunny?
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How much for the cunny?

10.50.. oh wait that's for Sharo.
File: 1442960880001.jpg (225KB, 660x720px)Image search: [Google]
225KB, 660x720px
3 cups of coffee.

File: tumblr_ms511hvjXR1s4ie08o1_500.gif (723KB, 500x375px)Image search: [Google]
723KB, 500x375px
Why is Virginia so mad?
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he has no balls
he didn't get invited to frisbee's birthday party
that monster

File: 1466450216634.jpg (42KB, 317x274px)Image search: [Google]
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Do you read the manga of a series first, or watch the anime?
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Watch the anime.
File: 1336895862809.png (327KB, 1000x1000px)Image search: [Google]
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>watching manga adaptations
Literally the definition of a pleb. Go back to Plebbit, you eternal secondary.
I do a lot of things, it depends on what I find first as to the order I do them in.

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Musashi france.jpg
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ITT: Exit level anime
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watching all of naruto ironically
>Exit level anime

Anime so bad that it makes you quit the medium entirely?
File: A.png (660KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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Obvious answer

File: lain-is-a-bear.jpg (48KB, 1008x720px)Image search: [Google]
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So, I want to watch Lain. What is the best way to do so? Doesn't really seem like marathoning would do it justice.
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File: 1466378571491.jpg (2MB, 2385x3000px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 2385x3000px
>What is the best way to do so?
With your eyes.
File: ZUeo89m.gif (487KB, 450x343px)Image search: [Google]
487KB, 450x343px
Pay attention. And remember, she loves you, so love her back.
Watch it once and not get any of it, then watch it again and kinda sorta get it until someone on /a/ says something that makes you feel as if you didn't understand anything at all.

In all seriousness though, just pay attention, it's not that hard to follow.

File: FnT_v01_131.png (187KB, 1100x1600px)Image search: [Google]
187KB, 1100x1600px
Okay I got a bit of free time so please enjoy this chapter!
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File: FnT_v01_132.png (308KB, 1100x1600px)Image search: [Google]
308KB, 1100x1600px
File: FnT_v01_133.png (281KB, 1100x1600px)Image search: [Google]
281KB, 1100x1600px
File: FnT_v01_134.png (290KB, 1100x1600px)Image search: [Google]
290KB, 1100x1600px

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29KB, 500x375px
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Why is her eyes like that.

File: nisekoi-7891519.jpg (218KB, 1200x876px)Image search: [Google]
218KB, 1200x876px
Liked her since junior high, and threw her away for a gorilla girl!!

Onodera is best girl!
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It was all over before it began, anon. We lost, fair and square. Time to back our bags and find another shitty harem.
File: download (11).jpg (14KB, 300x168px)Image search: [Google]
download (11).jpg
14KB, 300x168px
Sadly best girl lost.
File: wegee.jpg (5KB, 245x245px)Image search: [Google]
5KB, 245x245px
>not liking chitoge

kill urself OP.

File: templatechart0.3.jpg (2MB, 4000x5584px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 4000x5584px
Is this power chart correct, /a/?
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>No evas
Shit chart

was it really necessary to have the chart be huge while the icons were already tiny? One or the other would have been fine.

File: Cn_cZWJVUAABtDV.jpg (119KB, 900x1200px)Image search: [Google]
119KB, 900x1200px
Just got this in the mail today. I'm happy I picked this up for a good price, but I don't know when I'll play it since I have such a huge backlog. Is it worth putting aside some games for this so I can beat it before the second game comes out?
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Oh shit son, you fucked up
Why are you such a weeb?
I bet you only play anime style jrpg.
Cant wait for the 2nd part of this

File: Hyouka (1).jpg (225KB, 1600x913px)Image search: [Google]
Hyouka (1).jpg
225KB, 1600x913px
What's the worst KyoAni series?

Pic related for me. Hyouka was terrible.
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phantom sales
that's a strange way to say best
Dude did you not watch Phantom World because holy shit

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