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I just finished watching the anime-saving TRIGGER anime(not Space Patrol), and I enjoyed the NTR. Did you too? Or did it trigger you?
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Luluco has better NTR!
>No third party
>Or even 4th party

You're retarded like /pol/ "cucks"
>best girl
>that perma-pms bitch

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ITT: anti self-insert anime
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The best kind of anime.
Is this a new meme

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I've come to post twintails and discuss summer fun.

Update's over in the usual place at ultimaguil.
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And just for the record I'm tone deaf and don't have a taste for Enka. Got no idea if what I came up with actually works with a tune.
Did the anime change a lot from the LN?
What's the LN translation status? I need more Phoenix, Twirl and Aika

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What was her name, /a/?
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The hero they needed.
Brain Problem Shoko Who win in Election but lose in Erection
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I kind miss the show. There was so much original stuff made for it.

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Episode 3 in 2 hours - Military training arc
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>Military training arc

How long it will go?
3 Episode

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Onee-sans are for _________
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Avoiding because they're annoying and pushy.
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>Onee sans are for flatlining
You sicko.
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nee san drunk.webm
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Why did almost no one care for his feelings /a/?
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I did. Yes, he was cucked by that emotionless faggot, but in the end he got best girl drooling all over him.
I miss Psycho-kun.
Nobody can replace him.

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Was Phantom World a bad anime?
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I dont know
Can you repeat the question?
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You've done the world some good lads

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Since more as 2 years no new chapter anon ;_;
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what is he doing?
I dont know. I try to find something out but there was just 2015 a few rumors that it will soon go on. Since then nothing. Besides i cant moon language, so its even harder to get some news.
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>tfw you never make spooky blush

Which one any why?
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But Mahsiro a cute too
Left i don't want fish sex
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We all know that in order to enjoy an anime you need to turn off a couple of cells on your brain, ignoring the realism and the logic, making believable the unbelievable.
However, sometimes the writing is so atrocious that the characters are so unrealistic even within their own world's logic that it ultimately breaks the 'suspension of disbelief,' stopping you from enjoying the show.
Has this happened to you before?
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If there are cute girls, fuck my suspension of disbelief.
It depends on the show.
Sometimes it's hard to suspend my disbelief for the simplest things because nothing in the show is worth doing that for.
Sometimes it's easy to ignore that there's no explanation for some of the more unrealistic elements of the story because those unrelalistic elements are what makes it possible to tell an interesting story.
Samurai Flamenco was fucking dumb. Totally made me drop it.

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name a better mystery anime.

protip: you can't
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Make a more obvious rec thread.

protip: you can't
Would you skull fuck Mei?
>Name a better comedy anime.

Aside from KyoAni and of course Xebec, why don't more studios bring thickness to the table?
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Because the nips have shit taste.
Not my standard thick
KyoAni doesn't really do thick girls.

Even Sento has twig legs in the anime.

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Post tsunderes that are actually good.
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B-but I am too newfag to already know how to emptypost!
This thread will either die or turn into a shitty elf centric thread. I fucking hate you all.
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>Implying lafiel is an elf

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rpg chart part 2.jpg
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Come on, there are not that many Isekai
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Anime really sucks at fantasy in general
>Akame ga Kill
Nigga what? That hardly qualifies as high fantasy.

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