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Should I watch the movies or the old show to get caught up to where the new series is? I know they both cover the Golden Age Arc, so which would be better?
I'm not going to read the manga
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Watch the old show, don't bother with the movies and don't bother with the new show
read the manga
if you're not going to read the manga, just don't even bother. If you're set in your ways, watch the old anime, then the movies. You still won't understand it completely, but at least you'll know the characters somewhat. Really, I'm only saying to watch the movies because of one character the old anime forgets. Without him, you will be extremely confused by the ending of the old anime. I also wouldn't bother with the new series, it's the worst of both of the previous adaptation. It takes the shite CG from the movies and combines it with the skipping of important things from the old anime. Seriously, if you want to experience Berserk, please please please read the manga. If you still won't, then at least don't be surprised when you don't understand online discussion relating to it.

This was an anime about bread and the power of ambition and hard work.
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>Hard work
>Suwabara gets jobbed by Gary Stu repeatedly

But yeah, about time we talked about the original REACTION FACES cooking manga
Reaction faces cooking manga tend to get old though, not to mention the MC is always a godly cook who could make gourmet food out of 10 day old dog anus or something.

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Find a flaw
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He lost.
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>“To start with, there is something I’d like to apologize for. To the fans of Evangelion, I am truly, truly, truly sorry for having kept you waiting.”

>Additionally, he reiterates how draining it is to be working on Evangelion and mentions that after the 3rd movie, Evangelion 3.0: You can (not) Redo, that he felt that he’d never create anything again. In the past we’ve seen mentions of how soul draining it was for him to work on the Neon Genesis Evangelion TV series, and more recently (especially while waiting for the 4th and final movie) how emotionally draining it was for Anno to work on the new movies, so it wasn’t necessarily much of a surprise to hear him mention at the press conference that Evangelion is his soul.

>“The only way for me to describe Evangelion is to say that it is my soul. I make it by scraping off pieces of myself, and I made three movies in a row like that, putting everything I could into them and not thinking about what would come next. After finishing [the third Rebuild movie], I thought I’d never create anything again.”

>But fortunately, he was offered an opportunity to work on the new Godzilla Resurgence movie:

>“At that time, I went into talks with Toho, and it saved me. I think this is how I’m able to keep making Evangelion. However, since it is a fact that I’m making everyone wait, I deeply apologize for that.”

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he ran out of soul to scrape a long time ago
I hope he kills himself and they release whatever they did of 4.0 and we can all claim it's art out of pity.
Maybe Anno is the only one that hasn't realized the world has moved on from EVA.

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Top 5 favourite fights?

1. Ippo/Gedo
2. Takamura/Bison
3. Kimura/Mashiba
4. Ippo/Sawamura
5. Ippo/Volg
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1. Takamura vs Hawk
2. Kimura vs Mashiba
3. Ippo vs Hammer Nao (best Ippo fight)
4. Volg vs Mike
5. Kamogawa vs American GI
>1. Ippo/Gedo

What the fuck is wrong with you retard

It's an interesting fight you retard. Not powerup super saiyan bullshit.

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Lets say some progressive anime studio made an anime at 1440p would it look like shit when downscaled to 720 and 480?
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does 1440p really matter? 1080p is hd enough. the only difference it would make if the screen was super huge.
You can almost touch your little chink cartoons. Almost.

Gonna need a few more years before you can finally be in the 2D world.

Get the everliving fuck out.

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12 hours until a HanaRuby episode

This is going to be a cozy one

Best episode so far
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10 hours 57 minutes
Post more Ganbaruby and Zuramaru.
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>"cute" girl whose cuteness quickly becomes more and more irritating as the series goes on
So Ruby is basically the new Hanayo right?

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What do you do and how much do you charge?
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I put them in the fucking robots and I charge $$60,000,000,000

put them in one room, lock the door, windows and let them do whatever they want
that sure worked well, anon

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he's going the distance.png
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does he have more stamina than the average anon?
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Best girl.
Tsundere done right
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balls out.png
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Do you think Steel Ball Run will ever get an anime adaptation?
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Seems inevitable
No, because if they are going to adapt all the series Vento Aureo will be the one to finally kill the studio.
If they're still around, stone free will be basically stick figures.
With the dub news and the fact that DiU is doing great right now, I'd say it's likely.

Gilgamesh is now a cute and sexy loli. What to do?
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Would fuck/10
Gil is now best girl.

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Why do you guys like this bitch?
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pointy-ass banana-tits
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we fucking don't

What the fuck am I watching?
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Redpilled as fuck.
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An underrated show
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Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita

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rape horse.png
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So this is the big scene all the manga readers were hyping up? A giant grinning horse raping a girl? And then that girl goes and becomes horny, gets naked, licks Guts' neck, ties him up, and grinds her bare pussy against his sword?

THIS is what all of you fags consider to be the 'greatest manga of all time' or whatever? I don't care if the anime is shit, this is fucking retarded either way. Don't blame the anime for a stupid and pointless edgy scene that was in the manga too.

I think the real problem is that you all read the manga so long ago that when the anime comes around now, you realize how stupid and edgy this shit is.
It wouldn't even be that bad if it played everything off like it KNOWS that it's ridiculous and stupid like JoJo and other series, but this shit is SUPER SERIOUS. Like, it's so convinced of its seriousness that it does retarded garbage like this and tries to pass it off as completely, 100% not silly, pointless, and idiotic.

>inb4 bait
No, fuck off. You people always tout this series around like it's the goddamn second coming of Jesus. Let me vent at its ridiculousness.
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>Being this mad at a cartoon
>didn't read the manga

Irrelevant opinion is irrelevant.
I'm more so mad at the retards who've constantly never been shutting up about this series for years when it's trash.

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ITT: God tier openings




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>Gantz's opening

Great taste, OP
I like the anime opening for P4, but I like the game opening to P4G better.
Holy shit just hearing this brings back so many memories

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