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Thunderbolt Fantasy - 03
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>literal taiwanese puppet play
We Touhou now.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who made that connection.

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Is this means, they were forced to fight?
Why his parents left them to do this to their children?
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Post cute pictures! Bonus points for baby shingekis and sweet signs of friendship!
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Forced to fight for what exactly? If they have nothing then they could have allied with people inside the walls.

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Oh, it's finally out, 3 hours late.

Give me one reason why I shouldn't just pay for CR.
I want to fuck this adorable creature.
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What did she mean by this?

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New chapter is out.
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22 pages, by the way. And the end being something quite a few people were looking forward to.
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We need more blessings.
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Megumi a shit.
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Here you go.
Eriri a shit.

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This show's really comfy.
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It's also pretty damn funny.
I like it.
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Please be in all the remaining episodes, She makes the show hilarious before it was just kind of a light hearted romance paint fest.
Too bad not many seem to watch it.
I was really surprised that there wasn't even a thread around.

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ITT: Competent non-support females in shounen

I theorize this will be a short thread
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Main characters count, right?

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Some leaked pics from futaba for Toki, Shinohayu, and Saki Biyori.
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table of contents
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let us begin with the Saki Biyori bowl.

This time it goes to... Achiga. Ako-chan da!
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Switching not only uniforms, but also hairstyles.

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Momoyo 8.png
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Time for our weekly thread, this time we will open with Momo since she doesn't get a lot of love recently
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> Kawakami sandwich never
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Momoyo Ageha.jpg
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>Onee-san sandwich never
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I want to use Kuki technology and get the Neat sandwich.

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We're all on Horikoshi's ruse cruise.
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Fuck. Why is it that I realize something's wrong AFTER I post it. And after it's too old to delete it.

Just moved a pic back to where it was supposed to be. It wasn't supposed to be overlaying like that. Apologies.
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Everybody knows that All might is the real traitor...
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i hate this meme

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It's time.
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Time for what?
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That fucking scene
>Son make him reconsider
>No, mom it has to be him!
>You're still too young, how do you know he's the one?

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Episode 3 5 more minute.
So LNfags, tell me when will this school arc ends?
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Another episode.
Another time to pray for hime to be strangled to death.
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Subs are out
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Her stupid face keeps distracting me. Its made worse when she builds up a nice mood only do it.
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Dogakobo Yuru Yuri is best art
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Nah, art was the one thing TYO did better.
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>fifteen hours of work
>seven hours of sleep
>one hour for commute
>literally only on hour in the day left

Does anybody in this company even have a life anymore? How do you find the time to do stuff if you are literally working from 8 AM to like 11 PM? Who the hell is happy like this? Nobody likes "muh geimu" that much, unless they are true soulless freaks. How are they even cute anymore? Do they have really strong minds or are they just so weak-minded that they don't care? Or both? Or neither?

I don't get these inbred island freaks, but man, I wanna stick my penis in Aoba's friend.
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this friend
Welcome to the Japanese workplace. The reason only one person in the household tends to work is because the work day is and has been crazy long, and that's why you never see the parents in some anime because they're just both gone all day for work. They're happy because they're aware that this is just what it's like and they can't do anything about it.

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