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Is this the most overrated anime out there?
This is The Beatles of anime.

I think I enjoyed naruto better. though I have the fondest memories of naruto from when I was like 15 and this I saw at age 24.
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Nice pasta fag
2003 > Brotherhood
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What? if anything every thread about FMA on the archive is about how it is the best shounen or something along those lines.

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Who possibly thought this would be a good idea? I mean if they were reusing footage to save on costs I'd get it, but each episode was animated sufficiently differently that they probably didn't save squat, and the dialogue was slightly different too. Honestly what was even the fucking point?
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>people asks if they should see endless eight
>autists recommend them to do so
I finally got around to finishing this. Gonna watch the movie tonight. What am I in for. Do we find out why kyon wanted to talk to Nagato each time.

Find a flaw.
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>killed best girl
>unironically made bomb threats for the sake of """hope"""
>massive faggot
>self-loathing ultimate-worshiper
>literally a terrorist
But he wanted to kill all the terrorists, Chiaki sacrificed herself for them.

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What's the point of titcows like this in harems? Surely noone would choose them.
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Here's a (You).
I would.
Claire a shit.

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shirou heavens feel.jpg
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Do you have enough confidence on Ufotable not to fuck up the greatest scene in Heavens Feel?
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Well, considering they fucked up Archer vs Shirou...

This meme again?
>greatest scene in HF

Please, it's the most chuuni scene in all of existence

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Anime's that surprised you by either having a shocking moment or changing what it's about early on.
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Thanks bud

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I keep hearing some talk if Goku raised Gohan on his own he would infinitely cooler and would be the strongest being ever or be more like how he was in the future. This is ignoring Goku doesn't work (and refuses to), doesn't give a fuck about manners, and would casually leave his family behind to do his own thing.

This is also ignoring Piccolo is the reason Gohan had such an adult mindset for his age in the first place and even then Piccolo later regretted being so hard on Gohan.

People only look at the fact Chi-Chi made Gohan study as if she did nothing good for him even though she's the reason he ending up being a well-mannered and attentive man who's actually there for his family.

What do y'all think?
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No, Gohan must do his homework. Besides, fighting can be very dangerous.
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Goku is a simpleton but we've seen the archetype of an autist fighter dad raising his son before.
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This stupid idea that Gohan was supposed to be some hardcore badass warrior needs to stop.

None of these half breed sayians have the PATHOLOGICAL urge to fight like Goku and Vegeta.

They have human hearts that yearn for peace just like fucking android 16 said before he died.

Pushed to extreme circumstances they are FORCED to fight, and powerful they can be, but they don't have the mentality of warriors. So Gohan may have been OP in Cell but because he's a human with the heart of a pacifier sucking pussy, he hesitated to kill. Kid Gohan also only really went hard when his friends got hurt. He was shitting himself thru the majority of DBZ. He NEVER fought for himself, EVER.

We also see that in DBS where Trunks desires to netflix and chill with his girl, not be another faggy Super Sayian God.
Finally, as we saw with the entire future timeline. These half sayians are FUCKING USELESS. Without training Gohan didn't really grow, just lose him arm and die and Trunks has to run to the past TWICE for a bailout.


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>people have forgotten AOTS in less than a month
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Are you serious? Re:Zero is talked about more than ever, I don't know how you could think anyone forgot about it.

tips fedora
Yeah, it's a shame.

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How did Kyoani go from this
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File: 6uFSVV1.jpg (343KB, 1033x1500px)Image search: [Google]
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to this?
>great another kyoani circlejerk
It's what the market demands

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What if Shinka never discovered the clip?
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Then her destructive powers would've been let loose on the world. Is that what you want?
That sounds great actually.
No one knew who she was until she put on the clip.

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Love live hate thread. Go.
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>Hating best Love Live!
OP is cancer.
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Nico a best.

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Is Full Metal Panic a cultural institution?
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What the fuck is a cultural institution?
Actually I don't know. It doesn't seem to mean what I thought it meant.
Fumoffu >>>> all other seasons

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(This is probably completely irrelevant to anything.) I've seen the original series. I avoided the first two rebuild films, but I watched 3.0 on a whim. The plot was nonsensical and seemed to pull things out of it's ass without justification. Almost as if it is being made up as it goes along. The Rebuilds seem like they are awful. (To be fair I haven't seen 1.0 or 2.0, so maybe I'm just being an idiot)
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Yes. You didn't quite have to watch 1.0 but 2.0 does some things different. 3.0 has no context thus no one knows how to respond to besides hate or confusion. Yui willing, Anno won't fuck up 3.0 + 1.0 and will end all of these EVA threads once and for all.
This is also the first thing I've every posted to the site....
Why the hell would you watch 3.0 without watching the first two?

Can we talk about Akagi? How can one man give so few fucks? Also I still don't really understand mahjong very well. I think I got the basic premise down, but most of the terms just fly right over my head.
It kinda sucks the anime ends in the middle of his game, I'm really tempted to read the manga, but thats not ended either?
Should I watch Kaiji now, or will he be a disappointment after Akagi?
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File: akagi-ichikawa.jpg (26KB, 350x455px)Image search: [Google]
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This guy was my favorite character.
Kaiji is really good, if you liked Akagi you will for sure like Kaiji (Maybe even more since you'll actually understand what's going on).

Also Akagi, the manga, the duel is still going yes.
Kaiji is fucking amazing, arguably more than Akagi.

Besides Fukumoto isn't ending the Akagi manga anytime soon, the same mahjong game has been going on for years. You should try his other finished manga like Strongest Man Kurosawa, they tend to have the same themes.

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So when do they start fucking?
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Please this is important
bump for interest, this really means a lot to me
Hopefully never, just so OP gets blue balled.

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