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Whose lead would you rather follow, /a/: Left or Right?
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Right. Not even a question.
Left. Not even a question.

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Why is Yamato cutting her hair?
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I don't know.
What did she fail at? Are you assuming she already went into battle and failed her objective? She doesn't look too damaged. Mostly self inflicted.

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>tags: mother,schoolgirl uniform
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Loli and femdom does it for me. Not scat or futanari though fuck that.
>not loli futanari femdom
>likes femdom
literally shittier taste than scat

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What does /a/ think of The Wings of Honneamise?
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I love it. It kind of represents ultimate win of creators vision over producers intent. Okada wanted a big-ass exploding blockbuster but Yamaga managed to make a delicate and sensible movie masterpiece about cultural evolution.

Aoki Uru never.
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uru in blue.jpg
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Didn't they say it was coming out "soon"?
It has some of the best engineering porn to ever appear in a work of fiction. This balances out the comparatively lame Space Jesus conclusion, making the movie as a whole enjoyable and rewatchable.

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Where's the new chapter? You said there'd be a new chapter.
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here you go
>Miyubi's fucking wheelchair

This is good.
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Lanka 2.png
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At last we get more Lanka action.

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>people still pretend to hate nichijou
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Mai is the only fappable character in this shit show.
Its really overrated. 7-8/10 at best
>mfw there will never be more Nichijou

>Its really overrated.
I disagree.
>7-8/10 at best
I agree.

Best Girl
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Who else hype for the new episode Saturday? I'm wondering how Yukihira is going to outwit the stalker dude.
Megumi a best
>She will never greet you at the door with a shy kiss and a 5 star quality home-cooked meal after you get home from a long days work.

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Is this is going to be AOTY ?

PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FVSsNQ4Xa4
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why dont these people just make hentai
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>Why don't they want to make less money?
Because they want to make more money.

Does it get any hotter than a cute crazy chick?
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No, but Minene is still best girl

the only other acceptable choice.
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Everyone loves anime.
But tell me /a/, what is your favorite Kid anime?
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I'm monitoring this thread.
princess tutu
I remember i used to get turned on by Mytho

>get baited by a interesting premise
>MC has no personality so viewers can "identify" with him
>side character development is shafted so MC has more screentime to be cool and strong
>has the cutest girl after his dick just because he's so strong and cool
>second half was so bad that it makes the first half seem good
>not even the good animation and OST could save it
Why is Gurren Lagann so shit? Pic unrelated
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>Why is Gurren Lagann so shit? Pic unrelated
Bravo you got me anon
but on a serious note SAO is absolute cancer
>not even the good animation and OST could save it
Both had some pretty QUALITY moments though.
But Anon, Simón at least suffers and has development
I only saw the first ten episodes tho, currently watching, so far so cool, I'm a sucker of over the top crazy as fuck series.

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Autism characters.jpg
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What is this character trope called?
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Beta uprising.
Realistic MC Syndrome
Or that too works.

>can't cook
>complains a lot
>total bitch
yeah, have a good life raku
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>can't cook
Raku can teach her
>complains a lot
So does he
>total bitch
Raku a bitch ass nigga
Aren't all women bitches anyway? I don't see where you're coming from OP

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Hello. Nice to meet you.
I'm Kotomi Ichinose from Class 3-A.
My hobby is reading.
If it's all right with you, will you please be my friend?
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Sure, why not. I'm a friendly guy.
Your eyes look weird, just like your name.
Hi Kotomi, tell me why do you wear those weird balls on your hair?

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What is the worst anime you've ever seen. Or alternatively, the anime with the worst fanbase you've ever seen? For the latter I'd probably say Fairy Tail or Naruto.
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Madoka by far.
>shonen jump shit having the worst fanbase

Not even close anymore when garbage like Tokyo Ghoul exist.

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