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Why didn't he do her?
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Too bitchy when facade was down. Became preoccupied policing Rikka which turned into affection.
Cheating is wrong
Fear of STDs

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Who's your fitwaifu?
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the kaleido star girl probably
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Animes that really weren't necessary
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All of them, anime was a mistake.
This was the most disappointing anime I've ever seen.
To be honest the manga was atleast readable. They left some important stuff out of the manga

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oh no...

I don't get it, why does she love him? they never spend any time together
It's Seo, he only draws overdramatic shit that makes no sense. Don't try to make sense of it.
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his MC powers make him irresistable to women.

Like, half the chicks in kimi machi had no reason to like the MC, but they still did

Are they gay?
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Why is Karen so shit? she ruined the whole episode.
Youko is pretty straight. Not sure about Aya.
They are super gay, didn't even need my goggles for this couple

What went wrong?
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Literally everything.
It wasn't promoted well enough.
First half seemed like it was going to be interesting.

Second half just fell apart completely.

Remember when Gonzo were good?

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I remember when they were hilarious back at Speed Grapher.
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I liked Speed Grapher.
Gonzo was always a mixed bag, but they did produce a lot of good shows on the second half of the 00's. Not well animated for the most part, but they did have good direction and music going for them.

Dragonaut was when they suddenly hit rock bottom and turned into shit, though Strike Witches was good.

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Reminder that Tanabe is a literally perfect waifu that will always stay loyal, bear your children and unconditionally love you.
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Reminder that Fee is better waifu, even if she can't cook.
Why isn't there more porn of Tanabe god dammit.
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God tier OP/ED thread
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Posting my personal favorite
Cheating, but here's my favorite OP ever:

that's not even the best Dirty Pair OP tho

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Which is your pick /a/?
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Always Azuma.
Azumanga, I speak for /a/, if you disagree you're new as fuck, this is a shit thread, prove me wrong
They're going for different things. Lucky Star is objectively better in every way and kill yourself if you think otherwise.

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Why is this allowed?
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Freedom of speech.
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>every single redrawn tumblr image has the exact same fucking artstyle right down to the puffy noses
Why do they do this?

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Kousaka Reina is the best Kyoani girl ever made

prove me wrong

tip: you can't
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She's on the spectrum.
Don't forget being a lesbian. The most important point.
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She's a literal faggot, unlike pic related.

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Is there anyone that endures more anguish than Guts? I'm pretty sure that if Griffith is the Angel of Longing then Guts is definitely the Angel of Suffering.
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That little bitch doesn't know what pain is.
Gon frecs

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All of them are hugr successes and true changers of anime industry
Admit it, /a/. Time loops are all that anime need.
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And cute girls.
>shits gay
>huge success

>sub 10k sales
>huge success

hahahahahahahahaha, no
Endless eight is hardly part of why haruhi was successful

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Was she right?
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LITERALLY worse than hitler
Yet I'd still fuck her
>kills 95% of humanity
She should've been burned like the witch she is in front of the people with Kotaro

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