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Are most charts really complete shit? How could people possibly complete them when half of a chart is some shit manga or not even scanlated.
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Boku no Pico. Now get out.
if you can't find all of these in high quality you are new
Which ones aren't scanlated? If I can find them and you can't I'm going to call you a faggot

So did this show do well at all? I enjoyed it heaps but I never see it discussed; plus there's like, no porn at all.
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It's okay. The thing is I never really got to care for the show as it basically had no clear direction it was going in until halfway in and even then it feels as if it's going nowhere. Characters are great at times but the large cast really makes it hard to invest into any one character. Ultimately my verdict was pretty good but could care less tier.
>no porn
Don't remind me.
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Most people are too gay to think for themselves, or appreciate balancing and loud sounds. Try posting this gif more though, it always makes a few people pick it up.

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Could he have beaten the king pre-rose?
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No the king would eat him then get stronger. They needed Genthur
Although the king is a magnitude above the royal guards I honestly think Gon-san would have been able to match him.

The cat got defeated by a few slabs and after death her body became stronger, but she still got fucked right up.
None of gons punches are stronger then fucking Zero hand and thats the only thing that could even make the king feel the slightest bits of pain.

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Is this "pleb anime" ?
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The only pleb thing here is coming to /a/ expecting justification for shit.
pre L's death, Death Note was a good anime.

>There will never be a funnier anime series ever
>There will never be a more rewatchable seried
>There will never be new episodes
>You will never marry Naoko
>There will never be a better English Dub

Honestly what has Japan been wasting its time doing the past 20+ years that it hasn't topped the greatest comedy of all time.
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No one cares. You should fuck off back to yout toonami general on /co/
the manga was amazing

if not a little crazy by the last two volumes
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I fucking love the artstyle.

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How do we fix Haruhi's attitude?
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Give her a good dicking.
No need, she's pretty much perfect by Surprise.
You can't fix perfection.

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>the pic
Umineko manga blows away the VN completely with superb art and pacing.

Only example I can come up really. 2hu could count as well as SMUP is a horrible genre
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Mushishi in my opinion.
Honestly the art for Umineko can get a little uncanny valley sometimes, but I feel like that works for the story with the intense expressions like in OP pic
No way. The art may be better (sometimes) but it loses a good portion of feeling and made some changes I didn't like.
Also, no music.

Wake up, anon.
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h-how did you get into my room?

do i know you?
>tfw she my first animu lover
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Leave me alone

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Berserk fans tend to over estimate just how popular Berserk really is. If people wanted a Berserk anime some studio would have put money into it. This "cheap" anime is all they could get and the fans should be grateful.
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Other than Demolition D and Dark Souls, how much exposure has Berserk received? People on here think everyone's first manga is Berserk. As if your average manga reader wasn't reader some popular Shonen.
at least its not as bad as dragonball super
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Mods 404 pls

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Best anime Gifs. Go!
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fuck off you child
What a shitty bait.

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>King Arthur is a fucking girl
Why do people like this garbage?
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Because why the fuck not
Because she's cute and submissive, weebs love that.
It's cool

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Google gave nothing, what's the series?
There's already a thread

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how do I become as cool as araragi?
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Oats and squats
molest lolis
become a vampire
get a lesbian friend
cuck your gf
find a bunch of sluts to cosplay

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So, what was this show trying to say?

Am I right in saying that it was about learning to accept the inevitable?
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Environmental destruction for OLD MONEY and the abandoning of the lower classes as technology becomes the privilege of the wealthy.
It was channeling a lot of existential philosophy, It would take me a while to pinpoint exact influences but the most obvious would probably be Nietzsche and maybe Schopenhauer?

Or at least it seems like the show is like something Schopenhauer would make so he can go on and on about how "life is suffering QQ" you know?
Although now that I think about it Schopenhauer was mostly influenced by Buddhist philosophy so its more likely it was channeling general pessimistic Buddhist thought, Man IDK, this show has too many layers to examine fuck.

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What do you guys think of KnK and of its underlying philosophy?

Really makes you think, huh.
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Really Really make me think
I just want to mindbreak Shiki with cock.
best type moon series after carnival phantasm
shiki best type moon girl and my waifu

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