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Just watched the first episode. Already liked this better than Amaama because it doesn't have some unnecessary slut character. Rin a cute. She's a kind of loli we don't find often in anime.

Already know about the manga ending.

And I don't mind it at all.
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>there are people who dislike the best girl of Amaama
>Already know about the manga ending.
>And I don't mind it at all.
you will
There is an Usagi Drop manga?

Next you'll say there is a Tsukihime anime or an Eureka 7 sequel

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Would you a chubby big breasted OL over her skinny coworkers?
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This doesn't have as much fanservice as it should have.
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ITT: Great OST from shit shows.

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I'll fight you.

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>tfw no rotard gf
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Initial D chicks are so fucking ugly, it's the same with Kaiji.

Fuck you.
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>crossdressed Takumi

Fuck you.

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Am I only only one who got pissed off at how fucking WEAK the men in manga are shown?
I mean they always fall when girls jump on them, they always get pinned down by grills, they have passive attitude in all ecchi scenes and etc.
Doesn't it bother you?
I'm a virgin fatso, but for allah/buddha/christ sake, if girl suddenly jumps on me, my hands will be full of work.
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Better get used to it, Japs are submissive.
Why? Aren't they samurais with yamato spirit and such?
How can you always get jumped on by a grill and do nothing?
My brain just cannot digest it. I have cognitive dissonanse.
it's shitty self-insert for otakus

it's because they're too pussy to actually risk rejection and go for it, so their dream is to have the girl do it

I used to think like that. I thought that if I were to get a girlfriend she'd be more aggressive/dominant than me.

In reality, it's never like that, I'm always the one doing everything with girls, from start to finish.

Who am I supposed to self-insert as?
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Space Patrol Luluco, the main character
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I want to have space sex with this pirate.

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Blonde Asuka is an abomination
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she is 14 you sicko
I want Asuka to nonchalantly use my face as her seat and smother my nose with her sweaty butthole.

What would it feel like to be her love slave?
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It would be very painful.
For you
Instant boner when I see this art.

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Lailah is pretty cute
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Too cute
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>Not waifuing this cute egdelette
Come the fuck on, senpai
She'll show up in the next episode, right?

Only watching because of her.

does she want the MC?
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I want the MC too
Reminds me of that girl from that series where the boy next to her is always doing random silly shit and never gets caught

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What did /a/ think of this series?
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amnesia is a pretty shitty premise for a drama imo
all the happy stuff was pretty comfy though
I ended up being a linda-fag though
Worst girl won.
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Koko Best girl
Linda a shit.
Nice premise but ghost Banri ruined everything.

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What went wrong?
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The Torture.
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In tokyo ghoul:re (re means king) where he loses his character development.
Also the famous bad guys and good guys teaming up for illuminati meme

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funny how he only helps cute girls
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Not really.
Do you want to see him emasculate some poor boy by helping him? Men need to solve their own problems.

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Is nothing sacred anymore?
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Nothing at all
Sexualizing nuns is the very most sacred sister act to do.
There is something terribly, terribly wrong about this anatomy.

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Holy shit I just realized on my third time watching this that this scar mirrors Togame's "ambitious" eye. This doesn't deserve its own thread but I still get chills from this show even knowing everything that happens. It's like a sign of how Shichika grew as a human with his experience with Togame's. Sure, certain parts of the journey caused great pain and suffering, but part of being a human being is suffering through that pain and coming out a different, maybe even better person. Sichika is a true human, scarred by his past, but not consumed by vengeance or legacy. He just continues his journey, realizing that he is who he is because of Togame's and his adventures. And that scar is a mark of his growth and memory of her. What a fucking based anime
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Myanimelist is two blocks down.
>trying to be elitist on /r/anime 2.0

Cheerio dumbass
I fucking love Katanagatari.

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