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Should I have put this under /h/?
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to love ru is better
Left or right?
we all start somewhere anon

Ain't no Baccano
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THANK FUCK IT ISN'T! Durarara is actually good instead of that dogshit Baccano.
Yeah, it's better.
the recent seasons were shit for some reason
I didn't feel like dropping it, but it never got me excited like S1 did

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Tell me about your extremely niche / obscure waifu.

Here's mine.
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Here's mine

she's supposed to be one of the strongest right?
>supposed to be one of the strongest right?

Top of A class, still very weak against S class and dragon threats.
>HanaKana waifu

What are you gonna be watching in the Fall anon-chan? Pic related for me. Green = Definitely, Yellow=Maybe, Blue=Need to watch previous seasons first.
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>it's already fall soon
Are you fucking kidding me right now.
I'm so fucking pissed that I'm having to deploy right at the beginning of October. I was so excited for the season.
I was definitely going to watch 3-gatsu, Classicaloid, Flip Flappers, Haikyuu, Natsume yuujinchou, drifters.
Then I was going to watch IBO 2 and Bungou stray dogs, even though I'm not really excited for either.
And I was going to test watch Shuumatsu no Izetta, and Fune wo Amu.
Also why the fuck is the "girls makes video games" thing so popular now, Is that an offshoot of shirobako's success or did something else do pretty well with the same premises. I don't think I've heard of a single show like that selling well.

Girlish Number
Magic of Stella
Flip Floppers
Mahou Shoujo Ryuko Matoi

This is the season when /u/ takes over.

Should class 2-/a/ do a haunted house or a cosplay cafe for the cultural festival next week?
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A play.

Romeo and Juliet.
Blind date cafe.
Maid cafe

>Bleach ending in two chapters
>Nisekoi ending in two chapters
>Big Order ending next month
>Billy Bat ending next month
>Genshinken: Second Season ending next month
>Gintama ending pretty soon
>Magi probably going to end by the end of the year at least beginning of next year

What the fuck is going on? Also, I feel like this tends to happen every so often that a bunch of manga end at once
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It's actually symbolism for the next generation of manga/anime creations coming in to replace the oldies. The old generation is coming to an end, and new works will be given birth to replace them. The reason One Piece can't end yet, is because we're still in the same era. Once One Piece ends, then the new era will start.
I read plenty of ongoing series yet most of those aren't among them, just find something else.

> Niseko
> Big Order
Who the hell reads this shit.

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Give me 1 good reason why you aren't watching AOTY
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Saiki Kusuo is better short than Bananya.
Watching it made me uncomfortable
But i am.

You wouldnt fuck a banana.

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So where do you guys think ONE is going with the tournament arc in the Murata version of OPM?

The earlier parts leading into it was obviously to further establish Garou's character and introduce him to Saitama earlier (potentially to make their eventual fight more significant) but I'm not sure what the tourney arc is going to do build up the monster association arc.
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He's probably trying to enhance the buildup for "martial arts", so that Garou's change of resolve and tactics have bigger impacts later.

The martial arts part of the monster association arc never felt super significant to me though on my first read through, was it a big part of it?
For me not either. But that's probably why they went with this tournament.

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ITT: Japanese trucks doing their job
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give Yotsuba an anime.
i hope she died?
is she ok

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Brat or oppai?
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Why not both?
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Glasses make women look better.
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He didn't think so
Cheating makes a woman better.
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And that's why he's considered an evil despot.

It's not gay if you think about Togami

Oh yeah, uh... murders and shit. RIP Aoi
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First for Nagito needs a hug.
OP from previous thread(and the 3 before it)

thanks for making this
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I want to fuck Naegi's sister.

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Goddamnit why am I still reading this, I promised myself to quit yesterday.

One punch fireman thread
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this manga is fucking insane
What is this manga?
I tried google,saucenow,iqdb,yandex etc
it's called fire punch

What's so appealing about NTR? Isn't Netori better?
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Nice image OP. Would now search doujins of this happening. Keks gave me new purpose.
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i liek how NTR idiots can't tell the differant between actual NTR and basic cheating.

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Let's discuss our waifus:
+always gets what she wants
+is cute
+remanins strong and indolent but is also caring about her companions
-has some bad habits
-is kinda selfish

Rei Ayanami
+is loyal
+she is thoughtfull
+underneath her apathy she is as human as everyone and is very emotional
+pilots huge-ass robot
-doesn't know how to express her self

+a princess
?can speaks with animals

Hitagi Senjougahara
+rich dad
+will do anything for you if she realy loves you
-is abusive

Aiko Tanaka
+will kill her mother for you
+really loves you
-will destroy you

Homura Akemi
+is magical
-you are propably a pedo
-propably lesbian

+stratigic mind
+many skin colours
-will kick your ass
-is mad

+wants to become a prince
-propably lesbian

Riza Hawkeye
+Has a hwak's eye
+will protect you
+very reasonable
-can't think any
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