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ore monogatari.png
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ITT: while keeping its setting and characters, we change a show's premise to make it better.

I think Ore Monogatari would have been awesome if instead of focusing on the romance, it was a show about Takeo saving his friends and girl from every day situations turning into increasingly ridiculous dangers. A tsunami, a gang of wild monkey, a hostage situation, etc. The finale would have him fighting an interdimensional demon invasion at the temple for New Years.
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Sounds kinda like Space Dandy but I don't think Takeo's personality can carry the show.

I would have liked it if he was shorter and the same height as his friend. Takeo goes from a dorky loser everyone laughs at to a total bro to all the guys and a babe magnet, turns down the hottest girl in school to date a chick who liked him from the get go.
Fuck you, I liked how we had an anime series had a guy and a girl who had a normal loving relationship for a change.

You want a real change? Take GATE. Remove Itami and Rori from the series. Have the anime have various viewpoints of the JSDF vs. New World war, from both sides. Make it like they're actually in a war and both sides are evenly matched and morally grey.

How can the other side match evenly to a side that has tanks, guns and grenades?

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The Kenshin live action movies any good?
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The first one is the best because the movies were never planned for a trilogy.

OSTs are also amazing.
They're pretty enjoyable.
The first and second ones were good. Haven't watched the third but I hear it's not as good as the other two

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Do you guys like gyaru girls yet?
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Yanagida Fumita is amazing.
Is this the same artist who draws Tomo chan?


Still the best anime there ever was and ever will be.
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That's not TTGL
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You can't be the best without showing breast.
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>fanservice and manchild shit.

Reddit, pls go. /a/ is a board of actual connoisseurs

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Riko is for ______.
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Degrading sex where you donkey punch her at the end.

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What the fuck is this ? Is this what you people watch all day?
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> there are people who call it QUALITY
It's alright. If I've completed everything I wanted that day, I'll probably watch an episode or two.

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How the FUCK is this little shitbird the Hero?

Let's review, objectively:

>skips out on practice, doesn't give a shit about the people around him
>arrogant as fuck and thinks he can't lose
>cries like a bitch every time he loses
>shits on Sakuma throughout their entire childhood and quits the fucking game like the baby he is when Sakuma beats him through pure hard work
>becomes a fucking lout after quitting
>returns to the game to spite Smile after Smile beats Sakuma
>is now suddenly a god of ping pong able to do every style and switch up on the fly
>has a knee injury which suddenly doesn't matter and stops hindering him because of deus ex machina hero powers
>still arrogant as fuck calling himself the hero when he hasn't even beaten hazama or smile

Seriously, what the fuck.
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the key to the story is talent>hard work and that some people will always be better than you no matter what you do.

The guy is a genius and as such was rewarded with his after high school success.


that doesn't make him the fucking hero

>a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

he doesn't have any noble qualities. he's a fucking loser who happens to be good at ping pong. that makes him a hero?

He brought himself back from the abyss to be a champion.

I can see kids looking up to him as a hero.

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Are medium boobs boring?
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She has small tits and yes they are boring.
They are at least nicely shaped.
They're like the "just right porridge" in the goldilocks story

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Good examples of the protagonist from the previous show appearing as a secondary character in the sequel?

What makes the difference for you between a bad example and a good one?
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Gundam SEED
Kira was insufferable, but Shinn was an annoying cunt.
>bad example
Let's just get this one out of the way.

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>Kizumonogatari, the best animated movie in existence, comes out
>all those jealous kyoanusfags trying to insult Shaft from nowhere
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It was okay

Just okay
holy shit
is that the worst people can say about it?
RE:ZERO > pornogatari

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>go to mangasee.co
>hit the random manga button
>read manga
>post results

Got pic related, pretty comfy so far.
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Enjoy your NTR.
>Kimi no iru machi
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Romance, Shoujo, Horror... already oozing shit tier. Hopefully I am wrong
Thank god it's 15 chapters

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city hunter.jpg
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city hunter2.jpg
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Oops, sorry for thumbnail

this show is fucking dope

Because you weren't born yet, anon.

So, what's your opinion?

I'm only a few episodes into the first series, it's stupid but fantastic. Solid animation, great music, generally fun to watch.

Also that fucking opening.

Don't these two look a little too similar to be step-brother and sister?
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When you think about the audience gets NTR'd in a NBR romance.
they're twins
I'm getting baited but i cant not answer this stupidity
>step-brother and sister


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ITT: amazing fucking tl notes
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I got your translation right here
[OP is a faggot]
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File: 1397133359303.png (1MB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So is she just leaving pussy juice wherever she sits? That's fucking gross
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You mean fucking hot.
Just another reason why Aqua is not best tier
It's purified so it's ok

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