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Why is she happy about this?
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What she's saying is out of context in this image.
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So what was the context then?

Just got done watching this. It was pretty good, in spite of a considerable share of problems. Season 3 when?
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>Season 3 when?
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>season 3 when?

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Watched the first three episodes of Netoge Yome.

Honestly every character is pretty likeable. But let me guess the main problem if the series. The protagonist just doesn't give Ako super intense fucking even if she clearly needs and wants it.

What's up with that?
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They actually do fuck in the end. Shocked us pretty good.
He actually fucks everyone in the end.
In the anime too?

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Long hair or short hair, /a/?
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>Shit or Shit
I'll take the shit that's not shit please.
Both sisters please.
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>there are people on /a/ who think bleach isn't the worst of the big three
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>big 3

what's this 2010?
thats a wrong way to spell nurutu
bleach is better than magic ninjas
Imagine thinking this after the last two messes of an arc

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Just reread the synopsis and had an epiphany/theory.

The heat wave knocked out Academy City's infrastructure, correct? What if that was the whole point? I'm assuming whoever is behind the heatwave wanted security down. And I'm guessing it's to let Element in. But wouldn't that mean Element came from outside Academy City and not some Dark Matter-related monster?

Aleister wouldn't need to down Academy City security to bring in monsters he was keeping outside the city.

Could Element be magic? It could explain why they are strong for/incompatible with espers.

Who are some people that could potentially have access to strong, potentially magical monsters?

My only two guesses are Laura and Kamisato (although Kamisato may not realize how strong his card is- she'd likely be just another girl he saved that just so happened to have an army of monsters at her command)
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It may not necessarily be Element is too strong for espers of even Mikoto's level to handle. It could be some sort of quirk or mechanic in Element's abilities that esper powers are naturally weak to. Sorta like Pokemon's "it was super effective"

Also I'm wondering why Aleister has not cleaned up this mess quickly and has let it get to the point the students of all people are being led to fight.

Seems like he could have easily stopped the heat wave before anything got shut down.
They are probably just a secretive group that work directly under the Five Elements Agency and are trying to provoke Mikoto into a situation where she will martyr herself defending the city. The only way Aleister can remove her while maintaining the status quo. People will ask too many questions if he just shows up personally and turns her into a smear on the pavement.

Honestly the summary called them monsters. I doubt they will be people, even if they have a vaguely humanoid form. I do think it's likely someone has summoned them or is controlling them if they happen to be creatures created from methods other than summoning

New chapter of Binetsu Kuukan just got translated yesterday. Dumping them.
Also WIDE thread.
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What is the best fetish costume?
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TIGHT jeans with a visible panty outline
Is that physically possible?

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What the fuck
Why didnt you tell me this was yuri triangle /a/?
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I really hope they don't go true with the yuri. Not my cup of tea.

>not wanting to see 2 girls make out

I want kumiko to stay as far away from dicks as possible.

Welcome home, dear! Would you like dinner? A bath? Or perhaps...me?
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Just coffee. I already ate and I'll shower later. I'll be in my room.
No, thank you. I'll just go rest.
>implying she'd be loyal to anyone except Onii-sama

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Why are light novels written in first person?
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That's just how things work. Dark novels are written in second person.
Easier to self-insert.
Not all of them are.

The real winner in Haganai.
She'll have casual sex with Kodaka, all the while enjoying her single life to the fullest.
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>casual sex
>with Kodaka
Eh? Nandate?

Is this the most grand and powerful work of japanese animation?
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no it isn't, but it's still pretty grand
Akira is probably better on a technical level but NGE is pretty damn good.
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>no it isn't
Yup, it is. It's strong both in terms of the personal narrative conveyed in it and the large-scale narrative. It invokes such a wide ray emotions that's just fuckin silly: disgust, confusion, sadness, anger, hope, tension hapiness and awe. It has segments of beautiful animation and some of the best direction and especially in terms of shot composition ever produced in this medium.

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Poor DIO, he's now forever stuck inside the body of a a useless teenage autist.
>Umaru will be having a local dub in my country next month
I have no idea what to think of it, except it will be odd to hear Umaru in my native language.
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Who is that girl?
I only posted a blank picture. You can tell by the thumbnail.

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