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Manime thread go !

Let's see them manly muscles and manly tears
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I love this show so much

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Is Mari a feminist?
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I'd feminist her pussy with my dick, if you know what I mean.
You wouldn't do shit, you piece of shit. She'd fuck you up in a heartbeat.
Not by todays standards, no

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Be honest /a/

How shit is my taste?
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Kill la kill is the worst one on your list

Kill la Kill yourself faggot
Aside from Kill la Kill these are some pretty good anime but top nine is really pushing it.

>Grrr, why won't everything magically go my way?!
>Everyone else is the problem, not me!!
When will this little maggot get a clue?
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When you stop making bait threads, you faggot
Apparently he stops making any more bad decisions after his next death
Emilia is useless.

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Post em.
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this times 100

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>tfw legend has no eurobeat
>tfw old takumi shows up in a Toyota 86 and races nu-takumi
some guy made a eurobeat version of the movies on youtube but I don't know if they're still up

you're free to look and after watching it I can say that it improved the quality of the movie by a ton
go to the initial d subreddit, the eurobeat versions of the legends movies are among the top posts

btw, where the fuck is legend 3 subbed?

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Why does a depressing show attract so much happy and funny fanart?
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They deserve to be happy anyway.
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The show never gave them a chance to be happy, so the fans decided to do it themselves.
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Would you a Homu?

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Unless you're watching the dub, which I haven't seen
I am watching the dub. That's how he says it.
How does this madman decide to become a serial killer just after escaping death?

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Eureka 7 is one of those anime that needs a sequel.
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We had one already don't remind me

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Who designs a robot that can drink?
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Someone who wants to make them independent of the power grid.
Huh. Makes sense.
The A7s extract hydrocarbons from regular human food and water and use them to power a fuel cell.
Alpha was a A7M2 preproduction model, her bioreactor cannot extract hydrocarbons from animal fat, so she gets "sick" when she tries to drink milk, and gets silly when she drinks alcohol because it contains so much raw fuel that she gets excessive charge.
She drinks lots of liquids because water is needed for both stages of the fuel production process and also to keep her cool.

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Would you do this in the name of science?
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No, shit's illegal.
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I don't understand, what exactly am I supposed to do for science?
Watch your cucumber as it readies for battle. I've watched a lot of cucumbers, but I've never seen one ready for battle, I'm really curious what she thinks she's testing.

Really, HorribleSubs?
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You translate it then.
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cute as fuck

is berserk popular in the US? i think its pretty popular but obviously not as much as shit like naruto and such since there's rarely anything new
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Underground popular. Like evil dead.
I enjoy the manga and liked the older anime.
I enjoyed the manga quite a bit but after i got up to date there was nothing else and thats why i think its not as popular as it should be

Who are the best waifus this season?
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>seasonal waifus
I think you meant to go to >>>/v/

Aoba is a close second.

Asuha from Qualidea Code is third.

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Post sakuga
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You first.
Learn what that word means first.
OP's not wrong. It is sakuga, but bad. The word sakuga doesn't automatically imply good animation if we go by its literal meaning.

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