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why are cute things so cute?
who is this semen demon
who is this jizz whiz

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What would you do in this situation?
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He is just wearing really skin tight pants.
Use Betchi to sacrifice my party for a huge dick.
Shouldn't there be a bulge, then?

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Best girl of the show and underappreciated by fanart.

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Dumping the Korean scans
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>tfw even your crush sees you as a ribbon
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Fuck me. I didn't know why shoujo manga were so filled of blank spaces.
This chapter made me feel bad for Sakura.
This was a pretty good Nozaki chapter.

Daily reminder that Nisemonogatari is trash.
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I agree with this statement.
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Daily reminder that platinum disco is the best OP

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Who is this semen demon?
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A slut who deserved to die.
That's the ultimate slut: yellow box
An overwhaleming slut, would it krill you to post less of her?

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Hey there kiddos, just your weekly reminder that /a/ sings Haruhi is on. If you aren't too busy whacking off to middle-schoolers, either give it a try by checking out the link: https://mega.nz/#!tEBW2QDK!Hj-A9fnCRC-XTnK8W5sEsSzg7stxdYZ_a-cX2DY_K_E

Or just spam me some death threats in the thread.
I've also decided to release the nightmare that was /a/ sings Pipo Password as a B-track come the release of God Knows. So if you have any ideas for a Haruhi edition B-track, let me know.
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Aya Hirano scandal (She is hated)
Ex wife NTR Bitch of Kentaro Yabuki (She is loved)
WTF is wrong with you japan
Why does she look like a fucking monkey?
humans are apes

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How do to make gundam great again?
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You don't. It is a relic that is is milked all the way that there is no more milk to get.

Sunrise would be better off creating a new IP as a passing torch
Remake the 00 movie into 12 episodes, featuring more QAN[T] battles, more exposition to the ELS and Aeolia's plan, and further detail the epilogue.
Nothing can really save 00 though, but I'd like a Macross version of Gundam that 00 only took a step into.

Maybe they can infuse a bit of originality into it all.

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Why is this allowed?
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never been in limo before?
That is a huge ass car
>Standing up in a car
I knew Japs were short, but Jesus Christ.

Osomatsu-kun/san thread?
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Did anyone besides women/gays watch this show?
What a NEET animation

Anyone find the current Hesokuri event and gatchas lackluster?

Already got the five secondaries from the baseball event, and looks like I'm saving my diamonds for Karamatsu gatchas, as I'm indifferent to Nyaa-chan, Kamimatsu, and pajamas/RPG.
Season 2 never.

Where the hell is the blu ray? I need more Garo in my life
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Second season definitely isn't worth watching, right?
it's a piece of shit
I thought it was garbage.

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Weedman could solo both the FF and the Remnants if he went serious.

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Why didn't hajime just give nagito a hug? It's all he would have needed to feel some self worth like his life had meaning and not go full madman
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There better be some murderin' next episode
If I were Hajime I wouldn't want to deal with Nagito's shit either, and Hajime is a COMPLETELY NORMAL person, so.

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Post chillest bros.
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The best.
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Damn they are pretty chill.

Girl bros also allowed.
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