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Isn't it so annoying that the heroes almost always win? How cool would it be if the VILLAINS won! A bad ending! That would be awesome..
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There's plenty of series where the bad guys win though.
Garou did nothing wrong.
JoJo Part 6

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How much HP does you're waifu have?
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Learn some grammar and I might tell you.
Now climb your wall back to the shithole where you came from.
It's an amount, like ATK or DEF. If you wrote Hit Points in full it would be many.
I will tank the damage for her.

Can Kira really be considered a villain?

From his point of view it's just a bunch of annoying teenagers and an autistic manchild trying to ruin his life
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Well for starters he should fix his murderous tendencies.
He just wanted a peaceful and quiet life, he dindu nuffin wrong. He was a good boy just needed to satisfy his urges he always did it calmly and without bothering other people.
So we're just going to forget he killed many people?

Why didn't he take up hunting as a hobby and go kill some animals?

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Is there anything better than Cowboy Bebop?
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Is Tite Kubo the best artist among his peers?
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If we're talking big 3, I don't know. His best is better than Kishi's best, on a technical level, but him and Oda re better at conveying emotion than Kubo. I've also never seen Oda trying to draw in a not-cartoony style. Even in those moments like in Alabasta where you see Luffy's muscles look like real muscles because of the move he's using, it's still attached to that dumb oversized mouth.
>best in anything
No he's a fucking hack I'm glad bleach is fucking over so this nigger can finally move on

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So, what is the appeal of meidos?
Do Japs really love the concept of women serving them?
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but that outfit is french and it's more about the outfit as well as banging to readily accessible help.
>Do Japs really love the concept of women serving them?
That's not only a japanese thing.
>Do Japs really love the concept of women serving them?
I didn't know straight men only existed in Japan.

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>wake up
>look EXACTLY like this

Anal memes aside, what would you do? How would you feel?
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Sit on the nearest dick.
But that's gay.
It would be if you didn't.

Why are tomboys the best /a/?
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Don't have to put up with women bullshit. It's like your gf is your best Bro except with a pussy.
Because you're a latent homosexual.
a bro with many benefits

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Ponytail is best hairstyle. Discuss.
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This thread doesn't interest me personally. Delete it.
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There's not much to discuss really
You're not wrong

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ITT: your favorite anime studio is personified as a qt anime girl
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Shit thread tho saged
Shaft has a shaft
Bones is actually a cute skeleton grill

how can we improve brown girls?
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Preggo that eggo.
Might as well ask "How to improve something perfect?"
Three-frame gif of my boner deflating.

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What is up with this?
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>a retard comparing a weekly long running anime by Toei to a OVA
You can stop making this thread now.
lack of shading and coloring

The Future Trunks episode aired like any other. So did the Bardock episode.

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Death Note or Code Geass

(I'd go with Geass)
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How the fuck do they even compare?
One is a detective drama about the battle of wits between two geniuses, while the other is a action/mecha about a guy wanting to liberate the elevens from Brittania through large-scale wars and political schemes.
Because they're both about a teenager who accidentally gets magic abilities which he then uses to try and take over the world.
Death note

People say that second part sucked but r2 sucked even more and last episode didn't magically fixed this problem.

Never around to see /a/nons talk about it
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Why did they add so much filler?
just why?
Because there's 32 or so chapters out right now and they're doing 50 episodes.
Your options are filler, glacial pacing or anime original content for around 25 or so episodes.
>and they're doing 50 episodes.
That's what I don't get though. they had enough for a single cour. why would they want more?

I guess they can make use of the two year time skip.

I am in love with a Japanese drawing of a retarded school girl. How can i stop loving her? My heart flutters if i just seen an image of her. Please help me /a/, I need to fix this
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You can start by recognizing the true best girl
>how can i stop loving her

By killing youself.
What if she's in the underworld?

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