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So, big 3 is dying out one by one but One Piece is still going strong and is probably the only current long running shonen manga people like more than anything. What's the reason behind it, what makes One Piece stand out compared to others, what do you like about it? Do you think it's one of the best shonen manga drawn to date?
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It's garbage.
How so? Is this bait? This is no bait zone, only comfy discussion.
Only niggers and tumblr landwhales like this garbage.

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Where were you when FOUR EPISODES UNTIL THE END?
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We're having an oppai senpai chapter this month, btw.
Fuck. I should really catch up with the manga.
What's with all these series ending lately?
You really should.

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483 is out.
Kanki, you are a fucking genius.
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So what's gonna happen to Rigan now? Is Kanki moving to fucking murder everybody?
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>mfw Kanki is the final boss
It was just a ruse, he doesn't give a fuck about Rigan he just wanted the hill.

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>naruto ended and threads are getting more and more rare
>bleach is about to end and will follow the same fate
>onepiss is the only one left

where were you when /a/ started to get better and normies started to leave
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I'd rather you leave.

Kill yourself.
Way to expose yourself

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why subaru is so obsessed with her again
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She is the first woman, who ever paid attention to him.
She is a wonderful girl that selflessly cares about other people.
What is this expression trying to convey?

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>No personality they say...

- She bitch-slapped Shinji for insulting his father.
- She smiled.
- She kept Gendou's glasses.
- She refused Gendou from implementing his kind of instrumentality and gave the choice to Shinji.
- She was there for Shinji from the beginning.

No personality my ass!
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they are fag, don't mind them
she is best girl
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This desu. Ginger whore is only good for fap material while comatose

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Considering getting a job at an animoo/mango store. Can I do this without being a degenerate weeb? Will I be alright doing so whilst only being a filthy casual anime watcher? Will the weebs detect that I am not fluent in Japanese? What if I don't peace sign when someone takes a picture?

In all seriousness though, I enjoy anime and manga, but am not into it enough tot have a myanimelist or anything like that. What should I expect should I apply for and/or get this job?
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Probably a retail job with socially inept clientele.

Also, this board is for the discussion of series only, so kill yourself.
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Last Chapter
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No is not the last
Anime when
Next month

Is Araki the most worldly mangaka? He always researches his locations thoroughly and never makes things up
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>never makes things up
Stands aren't real.
How can you be so sure if you don't have a stand?

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What /a/ thought about Kumagawa before his "I want to beat them all" speech?
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He already saved Medaka Box before this.
Truly I have never seen a show carried so hard by on character in my entire life.
That is the mc of Medaka Box? God he looks like such a fag.

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ITT: overrated shit
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TTGL not so good
What's the point of Karl
every single fucking day

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Yami is too based edition
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I hope this manga's writing improves out of Fairytail trash level.
Any fan service?
I never understand the appeal of this serie. I dropped it after the first few chapter because of nakama and when I picked it up again it is stil Nakama. Everytime I see MC I know he gonna win because of Nakama. At least Natsu and Ezra loss a few times in Fairy Tail

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What's KinoAni's best work?
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Disappearance, that's pretty obvious
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free 3.jpg
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Where do they make polls like these?
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It's standard government research, you have to sign up for the DFC v Cowtits bracket through the DVLA, though.
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>USA has shit taste


Taiwanese episode 4 preview was out
it appears that Xuě Yā and Xíng Hài were romanticlly involved in the past,but hate eachother now.
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I try to ask about who may be the hero and who may be the bad guy in this video
on /a/ last week but didn't got the answer, could someone give me some thought this time?
Wait, what is that?

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