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So where's that anon who said that the theory that Hayate's dad dropped the bomb wasn't possible and was a stupid theory?
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Firstly, Mirage BTFO. Secondly, I wish that anon had a trip. He was as bad as any trip fag.
>Mirage BTFO
>says the scared Freyjafag for umpteenth time
When analyzing Minmay, you have to take into consideration two important things. The first thing is that you have to understand what type of female characters were popular among that time period, and what Japanese girls were like back then. Popular anime back then with liked female characters had a Minmay like vibe. I'm not saying Minmay is the original, nor is she copying. However the baseline is the same. The second thing you also have to take into consideration is that Minmay is the most realistic and three dimensional Macross character.

Minmay's realistic is what causes a lot of controversy. Some fans love her, others hate her. Minmay genuinely never liked Hikaru. Minamy entire relationship with Hikaru, who just her playful teasing him. Most anime girls don't do this, or end up liking the guy. However real girls in real life always do this. Girls like the attention, and will string a guy along for the fun. This is why some fans hate her too, because a lot of anime fans don't like 3D girls and love their anime waifu's who aren't realistic.

Minmay was just a 16 year old girl, who acted like a realistic 16 year old girl. She became a celebrity, and Hikaru made her feel normal. However she was destined for more, and she realized this at the end.

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>not reading the third chapter of Goblin Slayer
what is your fucking excuse?
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I don't like Japan's rape-heavy take on western fantasy. It's like a chuuni version of a George R.R. Martin fantasy story combined with a generic MMO.
Not much of a fan of the manga, it's nothing really special. If I see a thread and someone dumps it, I'll probably read it but I'm not going to go out of my way to do it.
I read chapter 3 but and I'm enjoying it so far, but I get the feeling i'm getting conned into watching some RPG sim with a harem.

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so, I just finished the Overlord anime
where does the manga pick up where the anime left?

Overlord thread I guess why not?
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manga just caught up to the anime, i believe its on volume 4 of the ln aka lizard arc enjoy watching a build up of watching a tribe get blown the fuck out.
The manga is only up to volume 4, the anime ended at volume 3.

The LN currently has 10 volumes out.
I could've sworn the manga would've been further in

I guess there's another release to look forward to, thanks

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Thread for Kasumin things. And KanColle, too.
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Chapter 44 has got to be one of my favorites so far.
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Because of angry wasp, right?
Because of Cerea.
But the wasp seemed nice too, I don't know enough of her know for sure.

Munakata is objectively correct and you all know it.

If this was in real life you wouldn't be spouting this bullshit.
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>hehe I'm gonna murder naegi on live TV
>don't worry bro I'll go take care of his friends

Kill these fucks
If he's so right then how come the Future Foundation had a fucking traitor the whole time?
How did she do it?
Does she have eyes behind her back?
Even betakid and old men were caught off guard even though they were supposed to face her direction

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Surprised I haven't seen that Gujira book on sukebei. Something I've missed?

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Gappy does not make me happy.
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Gappy makes me happy.

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Cornucopia of Resources / Guide
Read the guide before asking questions.

Previous bangin Thread: >>144665291
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>all the links in the guide are on megajewishload

Thanks faggots, I really enjoy not being able to download shit right in front of me
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are therr any djt memes i should catch up with? lol all i know is the you cant learn japanese girl and thats it hehe

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There's only one place for the series to go from here.
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First for Mika
Full on scale Metal Mayhem. With plenty of eurobeats.
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Happy Birthday, Sasha.
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I want Bert to get out of this alive.
What's wrong with EM's faces?
This though >>144706134

Let's have a thread without shitposting or whining about episode 03.
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Episode 3 was great, you guys need to get a grip.

Also I can't be the only one who loved that long beep when the meter hit 100%. It was so oddly satisfying.
What was wrong with ep 03?

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>Rito canonically falls into ridiculous positions because of his sexual frustration with the girls
>Mikan and Nana fell on Rito instead, and managed to fall into ridiculous positions as well

Is this a subtle implication that Mikan and Nana might be sexually attracted to Rito?
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Who's the one that slipped and landed in a way that gave him a blow job?
Yami fell on Riko.
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I remember this as the moment when no one could talk persuade me to see a reasonable defense of this fucking show.

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What is that in the sky? Is it a bird, a plane? No, it is the Hakugei!
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>He resents himself for being inferior to his dad and wants to be disowned, so that he doesn't have to deal with the expectation of being like his father, or sullying his father's presence for being such a disappointment. Unfortunately, his parents are supportive. Also, during all this, he kept up his genki genki act at home. Then he gets isekai'd.

So he has confirmed daddy issues like Reinhard?
It also explains his behavior in the Rem AU, poor guy.
Thanks anon.
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It's flying 「All-ficton」!

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Your weekly dose of bullying and suffering.
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I see Makina has finally embraced her inner semendemon.
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doki doki
next time don't forget to put an "edition" in the OP

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