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>Read a manga
>Author's drawing steadily improves as the chapters go on
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>author references his earlier works in subtle ways
Pic related?
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>Series is axed
>Author says fuck it and loses all his fucks

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you actually just made me sad
Isn't this basically a bunch of redubbing of old PBS documentaries?

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emilia rezero.jpg
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WHY does he love her?
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He's a pathetic loser, and she was the first one to be nice to him. If Rem was the first one to talk to him he'd probably be all over her instead.
She's like a mom to him.
She's first girl.

When was the last time an anime trolled you?
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Are you saying that the first episode didn't roll you?
Danganronpa S3.

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>There are people who legitimately like the Android, Cell and Buu Sagas.

>Akira Toriyama admitted he made shit up as we went along

>"I could have killed him if I wasnt toying with him, now hes a bigger threat"
Holy fucking shit, even the villians do this shit.

>Andriod Saga could have been avoided but they wanted to fight.

>Time machine makes no fucking sense and makes a shit ton of easy fixes.

>Instant tramsmission plot convinience
>Goku for some reason takes a ship back to earth, instead of teleporting

>The ancient prophecy of the Super Saiyan is shit on by a fucking 6 year old unlocking it.

Take off your nostalgia goggles

inb4 Freeza saga was bad. Nowhere near as bad as Cell and Buu who have no original moves or any actual motivation
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>>Akira Toriyama admitted he made shit up as we went along
That's the entire manga, sonny. And the Buu Saga for all it's problems is still way better than Super. Early Buu saga is the nice comfy slice of life Super tried to be, only good.

Hell, GT is better than super.
>hating on cell saga

Nah, you're a faggot
Havnet seen super. Is it really that bad?

ITT: shows that had incredible hype when they aired but were instantly forgotten when they ended
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I don't recall any.
Hero academia

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What went wrong?
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what the fuck even is this comparison. The argument is so poor that I have no idea what you're actually trying to argue.

Why did you make this thread? Why am I here? What is going on
Shhh shhh
Just close your eyes and let it happen
You'll only make things harder
Anime is only for faggots and pedophiles now.

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a shit.
Around Touma? I agree
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Please describe this child

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IIT: things in anime that you hate

>hey, here's a really cool idea for a unique female protagonist and a neat scenario to go along with her
>oh wait, this will never sale...
>okay, I got it! Let's make a beta male protag with literally no interesting qualities and make the story structured around how he baits her into becoming his girlfriend!
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>hey here's a perfect girl who's in love with the protag
>"I love Emilia"
Pic unrelated?
>everyone from France/Germany/England is blonde, refined, and sophisticated

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Why lolis?
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I want to copulate inside Ana Coppola's anus
Stop trying too hard
Yeah, you better leave /a/ before the FBI shows up at your door.

Waifu Bait: The Character
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mfw avoiding this bait of a series like the plague.
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That's Emilia bro.
You must be new here. /a/ is only fun for watching bait shows with.

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Why did anime turn from an awesome dark dystopia in the 80s-90s into this magical candy loli fetished utopia of now?

It isn't exciting or interesting. It's as basic and boring as american reality tv.
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The movie Akira was released in 1988, along other works such as Esper Mami, Urusei Yatsura, Kimagure Orange Road and Hiatari Ryōkō! .
Man I remember all the dark stuff like Sailor Moon, Kickers, Kimba. So edgy.
> awesome dark dystopia
Because you're a newfag who didn't actually watch anime in the 80s and only knows about OVAs.

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Presenting the first completed mix for Orchestr/a/ Season 3:
Nornir (Mawaru Penguindrum OP): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cnaXxZLVdU

In case you missed it, we released our second album last month:
MP3/FLAC download: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/uvrsucgj64c3x

If you'd like to participate, please read the following:
FAQ: http://pastebin.com/GEsC6yuq
Works in Progress: http://pastebin.com/ywCAc6KM

And be sure to join us at our pad: http://jibunwooo.com

Just for fun, we mashed up our instrumental with the original vocals https://a.pomf.cat/dwzggg.mp3
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>this girl comes up to you on stage as you're about to perform your solo and toots at you
What do?
Hyperthymia-Chan the cutest
toot back https://a.pomf.cat/fqfzlq.ogg

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Mai Waifu
Little Trunks should cut that out before he becomes a full beta orbiter.
It's too late.

The gods warned them of the dangers of time travel.

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Maxresdefault (1).jpg
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Nice setting
great characters
Understandable plot

Is this one of the more respectable animays that came from 2016?
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The insert songs were kind of annoying, not to mention the production issues, but it was a good and very entertaining watch at times.
Slow as fuck plot
Suffering porn

I liked it
S2 never
>Understandable plot
Are you saying that what makes a respectable anime is whether or not you can follow along?

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