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Does anyone have the archive of Grumpy Jii-san videos that was posted here a while ago? It would be much appreciated.
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Kill yourself crossboarding scum.
I think you're the one that needs to lurk more my sweet middleschool friend :)

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Hibiki is a miracle of the universe.
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Gear thread?
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You know it
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It's basically canon at this point

Why is the second season so shit?
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I thought it was fine.
this whole anime was bullshit
Yuckyno ruined it.

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Choose one to marry, the rest is raped and gassed by the Nazis.
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Tetora is my favorite so her. My folder has way too many screenshots to find anything else so have a stitch instead.
I'm actually a rich Prince from Saudi Arabia and am looking for five wives.

Sucks to suck, Kigu.

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What does virginity smell like?
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You know that musky odor that follows you around all day because you masturbated without showering afterwards?

Like that.
Butthole and vinegar.

I just can't get enough of Love Live.

This is eight time I'm rewatching all of this. I've watched all their live shows. All the OVAs. I play the game at least an hour every day. I have wasted approximately over 2000€on merchandise. I know their strategic sizes by heart. I read the manga and diaries. I learned basic japanese just to sing along and write their names.

D-dareka tasukete~
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So you're an average Love Live fan?
I've never seen a minute of Love Live! and never will.
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Do you have a shrine and celebrate their b-day?

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ITT: Overrated shit.

Hard mode: Stuff from the recent past.
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Non Non Biyori? More like Non Non It Bores Me!
Evangelion, familia.
Gurren Lagann, a shitty Eureka Seven clone

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What happened to all the fun lighthearted anime that didn't involve highschool/middleschool children? I just want some adult comedy in my life.
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Reminded me of pic related, tho it went shit in the end

New Game this season
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This, so far it seems like it should be good

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>draw a girl
>call it a boy

people will fap to this
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How many threads do you need?
That wasn't me.
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Not that i'm complaining

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Post transformations
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Post the most colorful transformation of all time.
I don't feel like making a webm
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New Cardcaptor Sakura chapter is out

>You have to tell me about it, no matter how small
>Awaiting Sakura's brand new destiny, but there's no problem, because everyone's here!
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>The key in the dream has brought Sakura to a scary world?

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What are the worst fetishes /a/ has given you?

I want it to stop
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Kill yourself.
Kill yourself.
Kill yourself.

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New manga by the Author of Horimiya just came out. Looks interesting and as expected, adorably cute, if a little weird. Dumping first chapter.
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He's the one I'm looking for.
After all this years, helmeted MC finally exist.

Not because gobbos rape, not because fantasy, not because grills.
Just Helmet.
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Did someone mention goblins?
Have any you got some of those Goblins ?
Is there such a thing as a good goblin?

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> Atelier Tanaka
> Tanaka the Wizard
> Tanaka
> Wizard
> Wizard
> Over 30
> Still a virgin
> Refuses to lose his virginity until a virgin sacrifice comes to him
> M-muh wizardhood!
This got a manga adaptation. The art looks like crap. Doesn't suit the LN art. Oh well.
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There's a scantily clad brown elf. That's enough to pique my interest
>male protagonist
Good call, I heard the translator for the series probably dropped it after learning MC was a purity fag, even though this one chick wanted him so bad that she dumped her previous boyfriend.

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