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Recently I got into Berserk and I thought it was great, but then it turned into shit.

For me Berserk was all about this amazing man crush -tier badass named Gut and the development of him, Casca and Griffith. It seemed like the serious and mature type of anime I was looking for.

But after the Golden Age arc some kind of naked gay fairies started appearing, not to mention that the 3D animation looks very unappealing compared to actual drawn frames.
Why did they have to add these gay fairies into the story?? They don't fit in at all. They ruined Berserk for me.
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>serious and mature type of anime I was looking for
I feel the same.

Guts should be a man who walks alone. Now he is surrounded by his own crew and half the time it looks like a fucking shonen because of Ishito and fuck.

Really hoping for a second eclipse.
assuming you aren't baiting, I agree to a certain extent. This is why I really like the original OVA series of Berserk because it only had hints of fantasy, it seemed more realistic in a medieval setting, which made the final part that much more intense. However this is a fantasy story through and through, so embrace the gay fairies.

>2013 : be kuronekofag
>2016 : be remfag

Are we here just to suffer ?
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Kuroneko was just as badly written as Kirino and her series is shit.

Rem is the most bland, boring meme of the month piece of garbage there is.
This is what you get for having shit taste. Please lurk instead of making retarded threads.
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huh , I guess we really are Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu......
It appears... that this was My Twisted World all along...

Saiki Thread
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>episode 4
I want to bully the chuuni guy.
Not hardsubbed subs when

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Hello anons, have you prepurchased your bunny chair? for season 2 announcement...err ple ple pledias special episode I mean?

Also less than 2 months now, or rather 60 days, till vol 11 comes out in nip. are you exited for more kaiku?
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I'd say that being "excited" is an understatement.
Can't wait to see what trick will our Skullbro pull out of his cloak with dwarfs.
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new clothers ainz.jpg
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I wanna see some ainz going melee and still wrecking shit again.
Is there any new Overlord merchandise? Im waiting for something Shalltear related.

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How much value do you put into visual direction?
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if a show is complete fucking garbage but the directing is god-tier, i'd probably still watch it
monogatari has a story that is passable at worst and pretty alright at best and it's still a 9/10 for me just for the directing
Storytelling > Story
monogatari is about characters not story

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We already had Tanks.

Then we had Girls and Boats (Hafuri and they did drift with a destroyer).

So, airplanes when?

And as always, the writers will be cocksucking japanese airplanes. Like the Shiden kai is the best fucking airplane ever from WW2.

The MC japanese team will always be the underdog with the Zero vs Corsair, Hellcat, ME-109, Mustang, etc... But still the zero in the right hands can be unbeatable.
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It's called strike witches.
Busty American B2 Spirit when?
Not the same thing.

Girls and Tank had a lot of technical data from real WW2 tanks.

The same with Hafuri.

Strike Witches is mahou shoujo crap figthing Alien Monsters.

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What is ruining modern anime?
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Anything you don't like

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Oh look, a voice of reason has arrived.

Fucking finally. I felt like I was taking crazy pills or something.
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Reminder that this is the second-to-last chapter.
Still stuck in the harem arc?
It's a shame that is actually going to end in 2 more chapters. I wanted to see more Angela and Sue antics.

God Angela did things to my dick since day one.

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Just marathoned this. Did I like it? Yes, I did.
Where do I go from here?
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Sengoku Rance
Read the manga. Don't wait for a second anime season: the first one bombed horribly in Japan.

Warning: after a while it turns into a slice of life due to Tomoko (without realizing it) expanding her circle of acquaintances.
Manga is better and as >>144980945 stated it transforms in the second part. It was quite refreshing.

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Secondary and filler girls/women from Dragon Ball anime. Post your favorite.

I like the blonde nurse design in Z. I remember a stewardess similar in first series, but there are not pics.
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Also this curvy milf from a special short.
The Maron slut that was into Kuririn for a few episodes, such a fine piece of ass.
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Maron was one of hottest character in the entire series, but was too easy choose her.

This is now a WIDE thread.
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It may be wide now but as more people keep posting replies it will grow taller and taller and at some point the thread will be taller than it is wide.
how wide are we talking about
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Maybe about this wide?

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Who is the best anime miko?
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My battle-miko waifu

There is a point at which a person needs to give up already and this nigga has clearly passed it.
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But his struggles have already somewhat paid off.
>animate a shot of his shoulders
>show nothing behind him

Why did the directors do this? That's incredibly strange.
That's clever?

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anime 3x3.png
2MB, 1000x1000px
Just for shits and giggles. I like trying to figure out other people's type from their 3x3s.
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normal pleb who likes to pretend he's smart
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Madoka, FLCL and Baccano I all dropped.
Earthsea was an abomination.
The others I've not watched/felt inclined to watch or in some cases even recognise.

>in some cases even recognise

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