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>Tactical espionage action
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I want Mirage to get good by having Freyja's singing overwhelming Hayate in battle causing him to black out or something so then it would be up to Mirage to save him!

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A bit more than a hour until next episode. Black World and darkness loli is up. Get ready.
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>best girls
>best world
>best episode

I'm ready.
I think yet another twist is too much. It's probably going to go the standard route of them 1v1ing all the mindcontrolled senpais and only then will they have another massive twist again.
I've been waiting all week for this.

What corruption shenanigans will we get this time?
This anime can totally ride on that fetish alone and get away with it.

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What was his fucking problem?
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His sexual preference.
Got castrated and had all his muscles cut out
He was being held back by some losers that he needed to sacrifice

Then he solved his problem :^)

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Why does she call herself Satella during her very first encounter with Subaru?
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She saw he was a nice guy, and she didn't want to involve him in her troubles. Also Subaru thought this in the anime.
>1st encounter: She calls herself Satella
>2nd encounter: She gets pissed when Subaru calls her Satella
>3rd encounter: She reveals her name as Emilia

I don't get why she would call herself Satella in the first place when its despised by everyone in the world
I just explained it.

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I walk ten thousand miles, ten thousand miles to see you,
And every gasp of breath I grabbed it just to find you.
I climbed up every hill to get to you,
I wandered ancient lands to hold just you.

And every single step of the way, I paid...
Every single night and day...
I searched for you,
through sandstorms and hazy dawns I reached for you
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Was thinking about this song this morning while driving. 10 fucking thousand miles huh.
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Lucy Rose - Shiver (LyricPic49).jpg
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long walk eh

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>weebs will defend this
fucking why? is goku a fucking girl?
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b-but the original is always better by virtue of it being the original
Arai when?

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spic subs.png
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What are the languages that give you the widest access to translated material?
I think the order would be something like this:
1. Chinese
2. Korean
3. English
4. Indonesian
5. Spanish
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1. Japanese
chinese, korean, english too

Was anyone else pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable this was?
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The episode with the cute fox healed me. I want to watch another season of this.
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This and Tanaka-san were AOTYAY
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ghost-chan a cute

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Overrated shit with vocal circlejerking fanbase general?
[tax fraud intensifies]

sounding pretty buttblasted there m8

It's a fun show with a really good opening, of course people are going to like it

Would you have used Geass just for personal benefits like a harem and lots of money or would you have changed some serious shit?
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I would try to conquer the world. But I imagine would probably fail because I am no keikau master
Couldn't you just team up with the banksters?

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why is he such a whiteknight faggot?
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Memory loss
Because the anime studio knows most of the people that will spend money on their shit is the ones who think being nice is enough to impress everyone and make them love you.
Why don't people just leave him alone? He's just trying to make sense of it all.

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>wake up one morning
>this is now you

What do you do?
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>service men
>tease boys

etc etc etc

Prob. the same shit people said last night
Try and obtain used loli panties to remain as a loli.
Try to figure out where I'm going to get some clothes.

Then I have to figure out what I'm going to do when the police see me walking down the street.

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massive yogurt spill.jpg
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What are your honest thoughts about fan service in anime, /a/?

Light humor or needless distraction?
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If done right, it's just the thing to help me rub one out.
I think there's tasteful and then there's LOOK AT THIS ASS LOOK LOOK LOOK
Boku no Baka

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Why is goku a literal retard in Super? He wasn't this dumb in Z. He was dumb in Dragon Ball but it made sense.
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what anime is this
was goku less or more retarded in all the dbz filler?
because toei is trying to force goku became toriko

its fucking ruined his character

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