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>Freyja is the cutest!
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This OP is gayer than all previous Bogue OPs together.
>tfw you just want to hug Bogue
Well Macross II was kind of boring and I don't like Plus as much as other people do

>and she won't be a live at the end of the series.
Hahahahahaha no

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What emotion is this expression trying to convey?
I just woke up.

Have the threads calmed down, or are we still in WonFes Hype lightning mode?
cock goes here

We definitely need more MC like him.

Is there only two translated chapters available?
Anyone know where I can read the raw??
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Look in the archive.
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Third's Korean scans released
Reminder he slaughtered a bunch of them using shit like a pickaxe.
So Goblin Slayers origin story is
>He walked in on his mother getting raped by Goblins and killed them all
I like it

We'll see him happy at least a couple of times right? If he starts his despairing experiment when he's in despair. It kind makes me feel nothing.
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I want him to get hopeful that the experiment will work. I want him to believe everything will turn out okay before he turns into a monster.

That will lead to the most lovely and exquisite despair possible
>That will lead to the most lovely and exquisite despair possible

But it was said he was "betrayed" by HP somehow. The way they handle HP/FF seems to suggest they fucked him more than intended.
Hajime is never going to wash that hand again.

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what are some parts?

What is the best Anime of all time in your opinion? Please don't mention any hentai series.
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FMA: Brotherhood is the only series I've cared to watch more than once, so probably that one.
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is pretty high up
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Rozen Maiden was pretty good.

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Best girl of the year, all years.
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inb4 "who?" maymay.
She must've been seriously deprived of love to be this attracted to Subaru.
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Hyped for my boi dimple, hoping he wins vs mob.
I still wonder why Akio Otsuka.
I never pictured the whimpy ghost with such a deep and manly voice.
could Saitama beat Mob

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Lailah's new voice is good
Also she is cute

Also Alisha is boring

Also assassins are dumb
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I want Rose-sama to sit on my face
The only way this anime could be good is if they gave Alisha way more screen time than in the game, and cut back Rose's role a ton. But they won't.

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So what are the chances of it happening?
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Zero to none.
gruff apology after some development-possible
crying bitch apology-no
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Literally going against Kacchan's character.

This, however, doesn't. Scans when?

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Zuramaru a cute.
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Frist for Dia
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I'm sick of people calling Kanan "hurr angsty emo xD". Literally EVERYONE in this show is some kind of an overly sensitive and overly emotional teen. Did you forget how Chika nearly broke down in tears because the lights went off during the first song of their irrelevant concert? Or how Ruby always looks like she's about to cry? Or the whole "hurr I hate idols now" Dia bullshit? It's really funny how you all laugh at Kanan, while completely ignoring the ridiculous, melodramatic shit every other idol has been pulling and saying since episode 1.

Stop talking shit about her, hypocrites. The others are no better. Except You and Yohane.
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Kanan did nothing wrong, Mari did everything wrong!

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Erwin deserves state funded retirement in lands of his choosing.
It has been nearly 8 hours since the last SNK General.
Erwin will survive. He must survive.
Ymir is essential to the plot.
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ded series, ded general
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Annie is love
Annie is life
I just want Annie to smile again
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out
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A beautiful sentiment for a true and honest leader. A handsome man, who deserves happiness. He deserves to live, for there is no life without him.

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Who would you rather have as an imouto? It's not as simple as it seems.

>Mega cute and nuggetous
>Likes to play video games, especially with you
>Watches anime and decent movies/TV
>Spends most of her free time at home with you
>Can be lazy, selfish and reluctant to help with chores - also unappreciative and bratty
>Can also be very affectionate
>Pretty smart and can hold a conversation about her interests

>Extremely cute
>Always nice and loving
>Selfless and generous
>Spends most of her free time out with friends
>Nice, but not the brightest - may be hard to have a conversation with
>A good girl, a very good girl
>Will always welcome a hugs from you

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Let's see, my choices are:
>a shithead little faggot who contributes nothing of value to my life and in most cases actively makes it worse
>a kind, loving, beautiful girl who will bring over her sexy dyke friends all the time
This isn't even a contest.
>pick your imouto
>posts one choice

Are you seeing things?
Akari is more bullyable.

I don't get it, what's so great about shimapan?
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Why are there never any panties with vertical stripes?
Horizontal makes the ass look fatter
You're not answering the question

Appart from these two and regardless of the country, Every webcomics seems either complete shit or fucked up fetish stuff
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I want EOPs to stop having opinions on anything
I wouldn't say they're the only good ones, but they're most certainly one of the best. Especially considering they both ended up having above average anime made for them.

I can't name any good webcomics though to be honest, I'd just like to think that there's more out there.
Believe what you want.

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