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Elves are for ______
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inseminating with urine
Public toilets.

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finally got back my show.png
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So flashback is finally ending?
Illya is soo happy.
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>flashback is over
>Hiroyama goes on a break


If that's what actually happened then it seems pretty obvious he was stalling time in the first place.

Is that what it actually says down there at the bottom? My japanese isn't great so it's possible that i'm completely wrong, but does it say that the october issue will be skipped and it will resume in november?

If it's just 1 month due to him probably just taking his vaction there then I guess it's not as big of a deal, although I wish it wasn't the case of course as new anime seasons will completely depend on the manga's progress now.

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These two girls seem pretty close!
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Not really.
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She looks kinda soft.
>no wedding ring
>31 years old

When is she getting married?

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Read the Guide: buyfag.moe
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Any tips for someone with a closet display?
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Post your WonFes charts?

>forcing the closet-anon meme this hard
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why buy?

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Shitiest MC this season
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>puts on his super serious angry face
>still a little bitch
He's not a MC of this season.
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Stay in line !

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I want to get a custom Jojo image on my new debit card, which image should I use?
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Monmusúmon GO.

Chapter 44.
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Does this look like the face of a cum dumpster?
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Why is he so hot?
This episode was fucking great. Damn.

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Dumping chapter 683, ripped by WSJD-kun, along with the explanation a kind anon did.


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No one
Did the soul palace hit the ground?
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I read somewhere that Viz was going to start translating Astra Lost in Space (from the Sket Dance author) for free, but if they are that isn't today. Besides, if you hadn't heard, I can't seem to rip the free chapters.

Mononofu died. Takuan and Batsu had a really good chapter and its placement this week was okay. Three new series are coming out from:

the E-Robot author
the author of Iron Knight
a new author/artist duo

I wonder if we'll see them all. E-Robot fucking sucked, Iron Knight was meh, the new artist has pretty art but I wonder how it'll look as manga/if it'll click with the audience. I have a preview image for it I'll post later.

K. BnHA. WSJD start

oh yeah, and for Bleach fags, here's the latest chapter: http://www21.zippyshare.com/v/HDQTkMii/file.html
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What does the raw say?
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Episode 4 airs in 9 minutes, prepare for more father/daughter moments and delicious food.
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This a great snoozefest.
Post lewds.
You know you want to
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Trunks will be reunited with the killer cyborg that killed his family/friends...(and almost the rest of humanity)

And find out she has been housewifed
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> How does No. 18 react?
I don't know what you guys expect from this beyond a gag. It isn't the main plot of the episode, not even a B plot considering Toei didn't bother to announced it until now. Well, waifufags are like that

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What's the DEEPEST anime you've ever watched?
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King of prism by pretty rhythm

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Which one, /a/
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Anything below C is shit tier.
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F or a

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Where did Goku get his heart virus from?

Kaioken abuse?
Ultra divine water?
Biting Frieza's tail?
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Shit genes.
Yardrat, it was a alien virus.
Heh, who knew?

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