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Who decided that?
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>mfw I Praised the Sun a little too much
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who decided that.png
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Official Escanor theme coming through


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>I remember training you in the way of the sword
What did he mean by this
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>Stay here with me

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He meant that he recalls instructing his son Sanji, who he is speaking to, in the art of swordsmanship.
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the tenth.png
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>tfw caesar joins this arc
with him and jinbe the total bounty of the straw hats will rise by over 700 million

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>you will never have Zeke's musculature

Just fuck my shit up heichou.
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I want Bert to get out of this alive.
Second for Annie.
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Annie is love
Annie is life
I just want Annie to smile again
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out

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What went horribly wrong?
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Where did everything go so right?
Miura realised that one loli witch wasn't nearly enough, and while filling his comic with loli witches threw in a couple cake witches for good measure.

Truly, he is master of his craft who understand his audience well.
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ITT: Harem anime where MC isn't a beta faggot.
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>season 2 never
I enjoyed the shit out of this show.
>no campione s2
>no hagure yusha s2
it's not fair
this show was underrated as fuck my sides touched space many times

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catch a cancer.jpg
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Thoughts on part 5?

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From Zero.jpg
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>Title of the episode is "From Zero"
>Episode length is 25 minutes and 45 seconds
>The advertisment says: "The worst, the best, the despair, and the hope, and...this 25 minutes and 45 seconds which burns your heart will start."
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Re Zero Advert.jpg
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>advertising episode length

What the fuck?
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Some shit must be happening for them to advertise one episode like this.

I'm hyped.

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It's time.
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I'm actually surprised that revenge counter wasn't what does Escanor in.

Seems like it's going to be a battle that goes past noon and Escanor depowers or whatever happens immediately after
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Ok, I'm done now to, let's start the dump.

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Upupupu! Are you ready for more despair today? Who's going to be the next T-A-R-G-E-T?
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In wait for the episode 3. Keep yourself busy with doujins, playing the games or reading the VNs
Also are you taller than your waifu and husbando?
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First for Chisa
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>Calls first
>Is second

It begins

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Well, against my better judgement, I'm going to stay up and translate this for you guys.

>Careful, now.
>Are you fine on your own?
>Be sure to be good help to your uncle and come back.
>Okay, I'll be back!
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>no tripcode
I approve this message.
Yes, more murder.
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LORE inbound

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If you didn't notice last ep Miura has gone digital.
File: Berserk_v39c345p04.png (396KB, 745x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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Elfhelm is an island comprised entirely of old men and little girls.

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Which harem would you prefer to have all to yourself?
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Right. Only way left is better is if you're a hardcore Misaka fan.
B easily

Is there a Team C? Please say yes

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My wife Aoba is so cute
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No one cares.
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Why is Aoba so shit? She ruined the entire character design.

What are your thoughts on the loli character archetype as it is commonly found in anime and/or Manga?
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I love them. They are cute and make a lots of normal people mad.
Liking kids doesn't make you "abnormal"
They're 最高だぜ.

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Is it scientifically possible for 2D boys to love other 2D boys?
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Yes, but just as friends
Can bros love bros?
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friendship ceremony.jpg
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Those two have the best friendship in modern anime. Just bros being bros; Dressin' up real nice to celebrate their friendship.

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