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Haroohie is looking at you anon.
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Why is she sitting like that?
Woah is that her asshole showing?
Go very far away.

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Name one flaw
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Envy and Bradley were the only sins with any sort of depth
Lust was killed off way too early and easily.

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Are there anymore phrases like these that can act as loading screen tips?
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what about "you are already dead"
Luck is a skill.
People die when they are killed.

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Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: Kanna's Daily Life

小林さんちのメイドラゴン カンナの日常

Vol 1 Chapter 8

/v/ tiem

List of chapters:
Vol. 1:
CH 7:

Vol. 2:
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When will this shit series finally end?
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>shit series
Hopefully never, I want Conan to outlive me.
>1000 Chapters
>Nothing happened with the main plot resolution.
Good thing that I dropped it a few 100 chapters ago.
Sera is an overrated smelly boy.

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Does Yuasa have what it takes?
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his artstyle doesn't fit the source material imho
>literally the best TV anime director working today
>does he have what it takes
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ITT shows brainlets will never understand.
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Lain is pretentious, too-deep-for-you garbage, much like Evangelion. The only reason /a/ touts Lain and NGE as masterpieces is because they like to stroke their own egos and pretend they're intelligent.

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What would you have done in their situation?
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Nothing. Give up after finding out Mitsuha is dead. Who would be that autistic to do all the shit he did after that part?
Question the NATURE of LOVE.
checked the date?

so I never made the time to watch this while it was airing and honestly the threads seemed bogged down with yurifags at the time, and I didn't really want to deal with those faggots, but I've finally gotten around to it, and I have one big question because I'm considering dropping it
Is this going to be CGDCT (which I don't necessarily hate) with shitty club drama or are these fucks going to get around to playing some proper band arrangements any time soon?
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first episode they establish what their goal is.
The threads were fulll of /v/ and /pol/ responding to yurifags that have been here since the dawn of /a/, not the other way around.
Honestly this shit is like being right back in highschool. The drama is very poorly done, and there's so much nothing going on. The people who like this show are usually obsessing over Kumiko's legs, or the meaning of the friendship between the characters (yuri).

If you don't enjoy the atmosphere of the show, drop it, and filter the threads while you're at it. The anons who force the threads are about as bad as Madokafags or even Umaruposters.

They'll even try to use this thread as an excuse to spam images of yuri images outside /u/

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I honestly doubt anybody on this board has even read this but I'd like to talk to all one of you about it.

Based fucking Haga Yui does it again. She's really a misunderstood genius. She literally still apologized about Lotte no Omocha in the end of this, poor lady.
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So it's futa? If it is I'm automatically interested. I remember there was that futa bodyguard in Lotte.
Kind of. I just wish it would get scanned. Pretty much the only way to read it is to have it imported right now, so not many people here know about it. I'd scan my copies but I don't feel like it.

It's better than Lotte though in my opinion. It's basically just Lotte if you replace the MC with a perverted lesbian who sometimes has a dick.
Isn't this it? You can read the chapters or is it just samples?

shh. my wife is sleeping.
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Can I cum on her ass?
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sleeping in the sun.jpg
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This is how mine sleeps.
are you rin?

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Post a frame, and /a/ names the series.
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>>>>/wsr/ the animation
Don't respond without an image, or a guess.
/a/ should know image in op. If not then you don't belong.
けい おん 唯 の 部屋 ぬいぐるみ
How transparent.

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Reminder that the androids know what's up.
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Jesus why is 18 such a cunt now?
to fear death is to fear life, for life implies death just as up implies down and black implies white
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>posting the fake internet edit
here's the original

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