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>used to read manga a lot.
>watch a decent anime.
>never read manga again except for the ongoing ones.
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/a/ - Anime & Manga
>/a/ - Anime & Manga
>95% Anime
>5% Manga
>watch ongoing anime
>it's good
>read manga because too lazy to wait for anime
>catch up with the manga
>stop reading it because not as stimulating as anime so not worth the thrill waiting for it
>spoil yourself with the manga so can't enjoy the anime either
>drop the series indefinitely

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Tanaka-kun Is Always Listless is one of the best animes out there right now. Watch it
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Too soon for a re-watch, maybe in four years.
This thread is bad but I agree with its premise.
This. I enjoyed it (of the half-dozen SoL shows that aired in Spring 2016 it was probably the second best behind Flying Witch) but it's not out "right now" and


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Never watched this show and I've seen Shana around so I figured I'd give it a go. Most of the way through the second season and seems great so far.
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I enjoyed it way back when I watched it. Season 1 was the best part along with when Sabrac shows up in S2. S3 is tough to follow especially given the time gap between when S2 and S3 came out but it has some decent fights I guess.
You sound new to anime and 4chan. Are you?
JOINT > triangle = Hishoku no Sora = Serment > Light My Fire > being = Koubou = Akai Namida = Portamento > Yoake Umare Kuru Shoujo = ONE > All in Good Time = Tenjou wo Kakeru Monotachi > I'll believe = u/n > sense > Aka no Seijaku > BLAZE > Prophecy > Sociometry

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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You haven't been posting it everyday.
Can we skip this today?

I'm rewatching old naruto openings and I'm just dying of nostalgia. Fuck, i used to love this show so much, it helped me so much through the time where I've been a friendless loser who did nothing but to sit in front of his computer the whole day. I wish i could enjoy Naruto the same way i did back then without realizing it's actually pretty shit.
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You still can. Don't let /a/ tell you want to do.
You can have bad taste if you want to.
You need to form your own opinions anon
don't let a mongolian basket weaving forum run your life

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Wouldn't it be nice if goth lolis appeared more often in anime/manga?
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It's the best.
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We need more pretty dresses
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The mark of a shit character and a shit show.

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>now over half way through 2017
>still doesn't appear to be any progress towards fully autonomous robot waifus
What in the fuck is the holdup?
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There won't be any robot waifu until maybe 2200 at this pace, NEETS & millenials are killing the development in technology n' shit.
Can Mira fuck her own pussy with her own tail? I know that's what I would do
Clockwork Planet wasn't bad
I really enjoyed Dimension W and FA Girls

Other than that I haven't seen much robutt stuff lately

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It's finally been done.
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He killed millions.
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He killed quintillions.
Nah the zero didn't really have anything to do with most of the killing. That was all infantry in china.
They were great planes but the aerial theater in the pacific wasn't that active. It was mostly navel and piles and piles of infantry corpses stacked on islands.

>that guy who thinks The Wind Rises and Grave of the Fireflies are pro-Japan

Why is she so degenerate anyway?
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years of sexual repression will do that
too soon

Made by DC comics, with this guy as goku , what do you think ?
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Only for Netflix to shit on the series?
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I say DC is god tier at making, super powers and super humans/aliens looks totally legit look at the flash ? they can do it .

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Despite being stupid and cringe show, for some reason I keep watching it and I kinda like it despite its flaws.

Your opinions about this anime?
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> stupid and cringe
It was good.
It was pretty fun.
How was it cringe?

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Who's the king of Isekai kings?
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>marrying commoners
His mom is going to kill him.
>Being groomed by the King to marry his daughter
>Proposes to a maid and a demi-human in front of a huge crowd
How's this going to be resolved?

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that guy from perfect blue
all of these
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Looks like anime peaked in 2011.
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Wow, we had this same thread yesterday.
It'll peak when the Absolute Madman reveals what he's actually been doing since 2013
That was for Shaft.

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