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>it's a haram anime
>every girl is shit
What's the name, /a/?
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watching tv is haram, so all anime by default
What are some halal animes?

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This show may not be perfect but fuck isn't it good at giving feels
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I bet you cried when linkin park guy died faggot
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Just having people die or be sick doesn't automatically make it sad you fucking faggot
If the author can't write for shit and just hamfists it there's no emotional attachment unless you're an overly emotional baby
Wasn't the only sad moment, anyway fuck your negative vibes edgyboi

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>MC is weaker than the rest of his party
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That's actually a good trope.
yeah it is
>his trump card is the most broken thing in the universe

All hail Universe 2!
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Can't wait for Ribrianne to BTFO Vegeta.
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Expecting anything from any other Universe or character when toriyama and toei have established that this tournament is the super saiyan shitshow + Jiren, featuring Freeza

Do you guys like Adachi Mitsuru manga?
Besides Touch, Cross Game, and H2?
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His art style is gross
I think Adachi is very good at storytelling without much dialogue. But he can't write endings at all
Also I wish the best girls wouldn't lose so often in his manga


They're usually pretty sudden or anti climatic

I don't understand what Wanyudo realized here. I don't understand what Tsugumi did with the tape recorder. And this is supposed to be taking place before Season 3?
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Is Jigoku Shoujo a prequel to a generic isekai anime?
How so?
Why were they searching the granny's room for a recording that didn't exist yet

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Is he the king of that mine yet? I didn't read much.
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If I understood correctly based Tonegawa is the main blacksuit now. That's not too bad all things considered. Well who cares about Ichijou indeed
Nope and he never gets mentioned again after that. Just let him go anon.
no he isn't anon

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New Visual released.

Will the Otaku Idol (Miu) be the MC just because she's in the Middle?
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Is this the Love Live killer?
There doesn't appear to be a default red leader so she just might be
So why are they not in space and why are their no mecha?

Shirou, the pantry has been depleted of potato chips.
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Fuck off you retarded nugget
Good disguise tho
Saber only eats good food, not junk food.

Shit attempt, OP.
Really because she ate a cock just fine

What does /a/ think of Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desu ka?

A friend of mine recommended it to me, but he's a bit of an anime casual, so I'm weary
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Fuck off summerfag
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AOTS. The threads here were pretty good, but do yourself a favour and don't spoil yourself because some faggots couldn't keep their mouths shut,
It's ok.
Everything is going to be ok

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This is NTR, right?
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/fit/anon's story still hurts
it's fine since it's yuri which is pure
Tsubasa signifies Christ and Senjyogahara signifies the World (Satan) so no, it is simply an allegorical representation for the victory of the Creator of all things over His creation.

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TTGL EP4.png
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Why is the 4th episode usually the worst episode of most anime?
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Low budget
deeply breathing anus etc.
it was a different director I think, and that was his art style and every one hates it

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>reading manga unironically in my native language
>suddenly start dying

>inb4 twitch fag
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>Tooru and the thing
Serves Kobayashi right,she was being a dick

it's Kobayashi's thing

>reading manga unironically in my native language
>publisher stop the production

is it rape?

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How is this a gambling show?
They're all just cheating whores.
There is no skill involved.
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You're a fucking moron. Cheating is how you win at gambling. If you try to play honestly you will lose.
luck isn't a skill.
Everyone and their mother can play blackjack.
Gambling frequently doesn't involve skill. Involving cheating actually makes it more about skill and thought, especially with short games with small numbers of rounds.

Well, do you?
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of course, i am not a faggot
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what sort of question is this even
it's the ultimate question

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