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Coke or Pepsi?
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Diet Pepsi
Just mix both.
Don't make me slap you

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New PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=al7zo1PrRFk

New characters and Cast:
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Not a fan of mahou shoujo but the staff list is compelling enough to give this a shot.
Reminds me of Rolling girls.

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>"wow its fucking nothing" : the chapter
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>Juvia will never get a proper fight in this arc
Fuck you Mashima
>immune to ice
>still gets fucked up by it
can't wait to hear the reason behind this
So what's the deal with Neinhart?

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S2 when
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Best girl NA

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>The sub has a "TL note"
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Somebody post the Biribiri one.
Class signs thread?
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Why is this show so infamous?

The first two episodes alone present a far more captivating romance than all modern contemporaries save for maybe White Album 2.

Yes it gets a bit weird in the second half, but at least the writers took some creative risks. They also deserve plaudits for using sex appropriately.
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Besides OVA's and movies, and think this is the first tv series for many people where they got to see vanilla sex in anime.
Mainly because Bitches and Whores
I liked it.

What do you think of Goblin Slayer, /a/?
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I think you should stop spamming this thread.
As far as I can tell from only two chapters released I think it's overrated and the threads are just an excuse to talk about fantasy things.
I think he should rape the goblins

Can we talk about ToraDora?
Just finished it and I-I think I loved it...
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You know, with subsequent watchings for some reason I started liking Ami more than Taiga

Someone explain this phenomenon
I felt the same on my first watch too.

>Season 2 never
I'm just gonna eat some cookies to cope up with my loneliness.
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wow nice another ouran poster

let's get this going
>Season 2 never

Thank the fuck god, Bones are awful at sequels and second seasons.

Also Ouran manga went from a parody of shoujo crap to generic shoujo crap.

do Japanese kids actually act out their delusions? I mean I thought about stupid shit too but that's all it was, thoughts in my head. I never acted them out or did stuff in public. Nobody did.
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I live in the US and plenty of kids in Jr. High did shit like this
I did this, but with wrestling instead of dark fantasy, like the undertaker or stone cold or whatever
Ausfag here, knew two blokes in highschool that did this, they actually didn't stop until graduation stopped

Why is Darkness the worst, most HORRIBLE and absolutely less likeable character from Konosuba?

Also, Konosuba thread
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It isn't that she's a bad character, it's that Megumin and Aqua are so fantastic
Aqua is absolute dogshit. She doesn't even rank.
If you want to fill up a third spot there's Wiz or Yunyun.
sorry but it's impossible to be a worse bitch than Aqua

Aqua has it to an artform

Rin is missing something.

Do you know what it is?
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Her old men
Oh damn I forgot to pay her check for last night

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Literally anime about war criminal who killed millions of people.
What was Miyazaki thinking ?
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He didn't do anything wrong.
His planes killed millions of americans
This is very wrong lad
>Americans dying
The fact that the only candidates in the American election are all terrible pretty much says a lot about America in itself.

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What am I in for?
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First for Pest best girl.
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>Lolis, lolis everywhere
>True Art
>best bro ever is a OP'd loli
>God tier MC
>Bunny bullying
>Amazing setting
>Cool powers
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Re : zero is fucking garbage, why is everyone talking about it everywhere I go, is this gonna be the new sao ?
I'm seriously getting triggered everytime someone talk about this shit.
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deal with it
well aren't you a speshul little flower
yoo re zero is good anime yoo

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