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Weedman looks fine
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>invading the island while Komaeda is still there
I hope the fleet's ready for a tsunami
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How the hell is Hajime/Izuru supposed to stop that fleet of ships?
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>this theory is still working

>people facing left die to NG code

>people facing to the right die to attacker


>Tengan is killed by neither NG code nor attacker so he faces backwards

>post yfw asahina dies for real

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Why is Misaki so perfect?
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Misaki a shit.
Non-loli Misaki was a mistake.
Because she isn't a middle schooler.

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Defend this.
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What did he mean by this?

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What the fuck is it with Kodoka and smelly girls?
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They have lesbo sex all the time.
Why is Komaru so fucking stacked
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Daily reminder that Monaca is 100% right

Is this going to become actual DBZ shit with Izuru destroying an entire fleet?
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I am beyond hyped about this my man.
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Another Despair Mikan appearance next?
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Misaligned bookshelf.

They're trying to hide the secret exit for everyone

Ruruka poisoned Izayoi, she used make up to hide the purple skin and used Seiko's knife to make it look like it was the attacker's fault

What do you guys think of the new CGI animation used for animu?
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One word

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Mods are asleep, write an anime plot.

Hard mode: Write your episode titles as well.
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>Mods are asleep

Wait, these threads are bannable too? Mods are going too far.
Same opinion. These threads are great to innovate new forms of autism, even if most of time we end up posting Keitai again
Alright I've been working on this for some time.

In 2116, it is revealed that a black hole is headed towards Earth, and will destroy the entire planet in 10 years time. Due to a viral outbreak that occured 10 years ago which killed everyone over the age of 30 and rendered everyone below 30 immortal, infertile, and unable to age. Due to the one world government being made up secretly of "the old ones" (who are actually the last elderly people on earth) who are discontent with the world and wish to see it die, they do not inform the populace of the approaching black hole. However, that does not the protagonist, who's name is only given as "the blackheart", a 17 year old orphan who witnessed his parents death at the hands of a kryptoid (a zombie demon who feeds on human hearts and who is the result of an immortal that is exposed to deadly gas (these guys are basically secret soldiers for the one world government)). It is revealed that the reason his parents were killed because they were "minders" a result of the immortal virus going haywire due to solar eclipse radiation causing psychic powers. Because psychics are given omniscient powers starting at puberty, the one world government sets out to kill him (the leader is actually a psychic himself, and also the MC's brother, though, he doesn't know that), the rest of the story is the MC killing the government and the ending is him using his psychic powers to launch himself into space and destroy himself and the black hole, which causes the virus to die and humanity to return to normal.

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No worries, I have her right here.
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look where she fell

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Whoops! Looks like I just dropped something as well.

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ITT: OPs that are much better than the anime

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Gunsmith cats was too much of a drop in quality from Riding Bean for me to like it

love the high note on this one

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Just rewatched this and have been wondering if some LNfag could spoil me who the second seventh is.
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I also realized now that Adlet was completely useless. Not only was he wrong about who the seventh was, but his whole story about finding out the seventh's method could have been omitted by simply digging up the two tablets.
Interested in spoilers too.
I stopped at volume 6. Shit's way too boring.

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>wake up
>see this

what to do?
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Suck on those tits
Tell her to surrender until I have the cops come over
Tell her to take care of my morning wood.

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> leaked preview shows the fat cunt fucking the girls in every stage of their pregnancy
> all while making fun of how dark and loose their pussies have become

I didn't think it was possible to cum to a single page, but I did.
>the girls in every stage of their pregnancy
and when where they translated?


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What anime are you looking forward for fall /a/?
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Hibikek S2
Natsume S5
3-gatsu no Lion
For the rest I'll just wait and see what gets popular.
Only Ajin S2 really. I'll probably pick up 20 shows like usual though.
Every show without boys in the maincast.

Where were you when Kirigiri was confirmed to be Naegi's most beloved
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Blacksmith's death is death is obviously a fakeout

Both him and Ruruka probably planned this in some sort of plot to take Munakata down by surprise so they faked his death, that's why Ruruka didn't want them examining his body too closely, to not realize that he wasn't kill

The powder was probably to make his "corpse" seem more pale and realistic, in retrospect ruruka has no reason to kill the guy constantly protecting her, specially when someone had already died
What a fucking amazing episode. Awesome how everything is coming together.
Ruruka probably fed him a candy to fake his death or something.

Shit is shady.

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What did she mean by this
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She wants my cock
where's the fourth mouth?

behind the knee maybe
Then she'd have 5.

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