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>strong and competent protagonist
>strong, attractive female characters
>awesome video game setting
Why don't you like SAO? There isn't a heterosexual reason to dislike it.
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sadly she was in the wrong anime
>melee beats guns

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Give me one reason why Hoshi no Samidare isn't the best manga of all time
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>This shitty shounen series is better than all that other shounenshit because it's DEEPER
Cool story OP.
The FLCL of Manga
Because I've red more than twenty manga.

It's not shounen.

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How come this isn't more popular? I thought it was pretty good.

Also, season 2 hype
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Dancing fools.webm
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>How come this isn't more popular?
Because the CG was really ugly, and it got kind of boring on the back third.
I liked it a lot though. It was fun.
There's a new main girl and therefore Amira probably won't get saved. My heart aches.
It was popular when it aired, IIRC. S2 will probably get a lot of attention, too, at first, and ongoing, if it delivers.

Nice, I wanted to have a WebM of that scene for a while. Thanks.

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why did he put lara croft in gantz?
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Because Kurono is the womb raider.
i want to put that pony tail around my dick
More manga need Lara Croft desu

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What does /a/ think of spiders wielding morning stars?
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Cutest spooder.
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the web already has the properties of rubber, when will she get the the gum?
>gum; rubber
I never understood that, isn't it the same thing?

We can all agree that this is the best KyoAni anime, right?
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Best after Hyouka.
By romance yes.
No, K-On!! is.

It's their second best movie after Disappearance though.

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Stop saying this is heartbreaking. Stop saying this is soulcrushing. Stop saying that you cried and lost your boner at the end. This isn't even well written to begin with. It has good art but the story shouldn't begin to even make you cry or feel anything. Stop being a faggot and writing stuff like "D-DON'T READ THIS YOU'RE GOING TO CRY AND GET HEARTBROKEN IT'S SO SAD!". No, it's not sad. It's good for a fap and that's it. Stop being fucking pussy ass faggots.
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like dis if you cry evertim
Oh Anon, it's just a meme.

>It's good for a fap and that's it

Not even.
No shut the fuck up.

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>girl loves guy
>guy loves another girl
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>watching anime with male characters
Too bad something like this almost never happens in real life. It's most often the other way around.
>girl loves guy
>guy loves another guy

What was your first thought when seeing this?
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How much this episode reminded me of Final Fantasy X...
Split your lungs with blood and thunder.

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What went wrong?
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Ship maintenance.
He should have a threeway with mom and daughter instead of banging them one at a time.
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Is dis nigga serious?

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New episode out.
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>He used worst girl to start a thread
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So is no-one watching already?
Please let me be lazy, I'll get around to watching the episode in a few hours.

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Bleach Threado
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Let it begin.
Tatsuki will win
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Never forget Yoi-chan, my friends. He was a true patriot of the edge!
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No, he was a patriot of dewicious sweets
Lived and died by the sweets.
>tfw he's alive and Muntaka killed Juzo on his way to Chisa's body

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Aragorn is lucky her boss is a lonely lesbian who likes being abused so she can get away with that kind of thing
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Which Eagle Jump would you like to give an enema?
How many American soldiers raped Umiko?

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Someone help Katyusha get a book, It seems Nonna took a day off
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There would be 'this' book....
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Scans when?
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Page 1 Erwin post

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