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Would you date an anime boy if they were really cute?
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Would anyone date me?
Only if he had a soft slender body. The Frees are too muscular to make good traps.
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Personally I like a 30 male 70 female split.



Symphogear Live 2016 BDRIP

Two mkvs because I am stupid and not know how make multi-angle mkv. Too lazy to make delta.

60GB of data seeding throght a shitty VPN using a shitty campus 5mpbs internet.

Nana wills it!
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Fuck yeah
I will post this every thread until they dock.

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Would you agree that love triangles bring the worst out of people in any fanbase?

In a regular 1-to-1 romance people act rather civil and enjoy the romance for what it is, or ignore if they don't care about it. There might be some discussion of why it might be shit, but it's still overall civil. In harems you may have plenty of shitposting about who's best girl and about why the main/poster girl (if there's any) is shit.

However, there's something unique about love triangles that brings the worst out of people. Say, the shitposting in harem stories is just some casual bashing over the characters you don't like. However, in love triangles the whole thing becomes personal. People become far too involved the the drama of the love triangle, to the point of a very unhealthy obsession. The supporters of the other ship are treated as some kind of enemy, whereas in a harem the supporter of whatever other girl is just some other fag.

In a harem you may like or dislike the girls that aren't your favourites, but in a love triangle, more often than not, people hate the other party with personal passion.

That vicious behaviour corrodes threads, and if in a harem story it's already difficult to have any semblance of discussion due to waifuwars, in love triangles the romance at hand becomes the sole focus of most of the people in the audience, and everything else can be treated like a nonfactor.

Waifufags from love triangles are even more insufferable than the ones from harems, since they seek to shit the threads all over with their shitty waifu. Whilst you can see something like this in harems as well, it's nowhere near the same level of obsession.

Do you believe otherwise?
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shippingfags are cancer no matter what kind of romance is portrayed

they even managed to shit up one piece threads while there's zero romance in one piece
They just give an excuse for shippers to justify acting like cancerous little shits. Shippers always act like cancerous little shits.
Love triangles can be somewhat complex compared to harem and shippers tend to be autistic so it gets that bad.
There must be something about making complicated human behavior into a geometric shape that appeals to them.

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What is /a/ opinion on Bokurano?
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Good Tier
Eva with chairs and less mindfucks
Anime fucked it over but the manga is good.
Way better than Narutaru

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What are we going to do today, anon?
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Blow me, beautiful.
same as usual ume-sama, bully me
abuse me

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i not was expecting having a boner while reading dungeon meshi
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I want to see her rape the halfling.
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We can have that too
I knows not why but elves look so good in armor.

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>Still calling your brother "Onii-chan."
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>not being a well mannered lady and calling him "Onii-samamasu"
But what if I'm an otouto?

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This season im watching,
Top tier
Macross Delta

Enjoy tier
Aldermin of the Sky

When bored tier
Tales of Zestaria

Which airing series should I pick up, now that we are a bit in and know what is shit and what is good.
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91 Days and Thunderbolt Fantasy
boku no pico
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How would one bring down the Sibyl System in Five Days?
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fuck up their oatmeal lol
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Final Form.png
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This is my Final Form.

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Did you guys already discussed this?
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Yes. Much like how we discussed that this is what a best lookes like.
And no that's not PDL.
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Where were you Anon, we went through like 3 threads on it.

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I just finished the first season, does this Sun-Eating Shade special come next or should I just dive right into S2?
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Watch the OVA
Doesn't matter. There is no arcing story and nothing is 'resolved' by the end of the show.
Yeah, I figured it probably didn't matter, thanks for the confirmation.

Will do.

Also is it ever explained why Ginko dresses completely differently from literally every other character in the show? Why does he wear western-style clothing? And what the hell is the period supposed to be?

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Ha ha!
Time for middle-upper class suffering and pseudo-psychology shitposting!
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Suffering is the best. I love it.
But it's not real suffering, she's not poor or can't afford food, home or healthcare or anything like that.
Don't deny people's suffering just because their bodies are in good shape. The mind is a more complicated place than that. None of those things you listed protects you from a depressive disorder.

It's like the current propaganda saying people in western Europe or the US can't suffer from poverty because they all have iphones. If you actually look at these people you'll see that they are psychologically fucked up - because of poverty.

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Why is eating a ton of food such a common thing in mainstream anime?

Why is it reiterated a billion times in Dragon Ball?
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You need a shitton of food to build muscles. I used to be a 40kg skeleton who ate about 800 calories a day, now I'm at 65kg and eat 3500 calories daily without consuming too much sugar.
>Dragonball Z

Pick one lmao
because it's pandering to americans

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What's the most you ever marathoned?
I finished HxH in 4 days awhile back, still my best record, non stop watching.
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I once had my player run through 20some episodes of an anime in the background while I was shitposting on 4chan.
Unless it was dubbed or you understand Japanese, I don't think you really got anything out of it.

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is the narrator the best part of this chinese cartoon?

hype as fuck
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Narrators are underrated. People should put way more money into voices from the off. There is potential there that the industry hasn't even begun to unveil.

Sometimes I wish Morgan Freeman would narrate my life. If I could hear his voice in my mind as I went about my daily routine - dull as it is - my life would be perfect.
buraiden gai best FKMT
I hate it.

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