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i don't get it
Title: A bear came
Panel 1:
Jun: (A few hours after he went home...)
Panel 2:
Jun: (A bear came.)
Goro: Hm?
Panel 3:
Goro: Are you Junichirou?
Jun: Y-y-yes...(I'M GONNA BE EATEN!)
Panel 4:
Jun: (He's groveling?!)
of fucking course his parents aren't home.

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A shame, you were a good person.
And all the fears you are rather obsessed with

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Are you guys ready for chapter 102.
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Chapter 102 is not out this chapter might be longer.
This chapter might be really good.
Did they see my thread I just made?

Chapter 102 is out. http://www.ganganonline.com/contents/watashiga/

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Kimi no Na wa is now number 1 in the Japanese box office, is the number 1 bestselling novel, and it's soundtrack is the number 1 bestselling album.


So is it safe to say that Makoto Shinkai has earned his place as one of the best animated filmmakers?
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BDrips when?
after the release

perhaps in 6 months
Unknown. But Funimation will be having a limited screening of it in US theaters later this year

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Say what you want about Miyazaki, but his art style and design philosophy are by far the best in the anime industry (including mangaka). It doesn't rely on photorealism or terrible CGI, everything on screen comes from Miyazaki's own hand and skill as an artist. His style is so iconic that it's been emulated nonstop, even by the other so-called "successors" like Shinkai and even in his own studio. The fact that no one has been to uproot his dominance in the Japanese anime industry just goes to show how iconic and brilliant his style is.

There isn't a single person you can name that surpasses him on a visual design level.
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>There isn't a single person you can name that surpasses him on a visual design level.
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What has Anno ever designed? What is his art style?

That's right. He doesn't even have one.
Takahata is superior. That's why Miyazaki is perpetually salty. He constantly lives knowing he's inferior and relies on Disney Jews to prop him up.

What does /a/ think of Kimi ni Todok? From Me to You? Is it worth a watch?
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>Is it worth a watch?
If you like romance, yes.
But I must warn you, the characters are dense af.
Sure, but only if you tolerate misunderstandings.
I heard its the best shojo/romance anime is this true?

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Who comes up with this shit? Goku is an alien? Are you fucking serious?

Toriyama is a fucking hack.
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Try 1989, murrifat.
>being this stupid
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>Random alien defeats Goku and Piccolo at the same time

Yeah no, dropped

>Adult Kirino
Would you?
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Is she still a virgin at this point?
I'd wring that pussy out with muh dick

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Kizuna teaches a class on how to please women, using solid holograms of the trio.

Gravel and Aldea are put through some BDSM. Gravel has a great ass.

Aine gets fingered (we hear it) in the classroom, whilst totally naked. Gets triggered, so Kizuna couldn't get to finish. (Was this scene in the LNs, or did it combine stuff from volume 3 and 4 because the humiliation scene needs to be in the anime?)

All in all, pretty good episode. Now we wait for next week and see if IMS is ballsy enough to adapt THAT scene and if they're going to adapt the humiliation scene. Will IMS end of a forever cliffhanger, cliffhanger with plans of a season 2 or OVA series, or anime-only ending? Place your bets now.
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mHxH 9 2.webm
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Well. This is it.

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Who /kansai/ here?
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Basically everyone sane. It's so nice to see the best girl who isn't the first girl pull out a win.
>tfw lolijugs will never try to tease you by showering and playing Dragon Quest 8 while you wait in her room
She's been the only female character to me close to what you would call a waifu. But I know she's found happiness in Molester and that's all that matters.

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>Develop cute childhood friend who is best girl
>Make her lose and cry in the same chapter to generic new girl

Why is this allowed? Why do the Nips have such shit taste
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>reading harems
>bothered that girls lose
>Pic unrelated
He got the best girl in the first chapter, it's the entire premise.
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It's actually not a harem. It's called "Not Nisekoi" for a reason. Dude cuts down any sort of girls interested in him in literally the same chapter.

>Having this shit taste
>Wanting best girl to cry

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ITT girls who are about to be BTFO hard
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I am 99% sure oregairu will end without any definitive winner and the butthurt will be better than the actual series was

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Can you explain to me how anime physics works?
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I may not know much about science, but it is clear as day asses are attracted to MC's fast, boobs are attracted to their hands, and so on. Kinda like magnets.
Well you know how Scarlett Witch has Probability Manipulation? Anime has an advanced form of that

Which one is top and which one is bottom?
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Zamasu is clearly bottom.
Use the catalog faggot >>146501759

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N-no, no thanks.
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Hey OP

Do you miss the more muscular old artstyle or are you fine with the slim artstyle we have now?
I like both. I don't know which I like better.
but for characters, I miss buff Goku, but I like twink Zamasu
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What about scenes like this?


I feel like the extra muscles add the much needed weight so the impacts actually feel powerful.

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