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I never wanted two characters to fuck so badly in my life.

Why did it have to end that way? Why couldn't they be happy together?

Katanagatari thread.
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They did
She was a manipulative awful bitch tho. She was a complete skeeze.
What's with those faggot sleeves?

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Would you take advantage of a child-minded girl?
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Children have rape whistles
Like in that one hentai?
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Karasuma and Irina are easily one of the best couples to come out of the medium in quite a while. It really is a shame there are not more adult couples in anime and manga.
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assclass m9
Click the arrow next to the OP post.
>a hot Russian babe who doesn't have to defect from a super scary government and survives till the end
>actually falls in love and becomes a couple with a guy who deserves her
You don't see this coming out of Hollywood, no sir, not in a million years.

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Anyone else feels like KyoAni is trying to become as niche as possible? Since they actively started making their own shows, sales have been taking a constant dip, and with good reason since the things they adapt now aren't nearly as popular as Keyshit or any Kadokawa property for that matter, they also don't have as big of marketing and publicity power. Those latest financial reports prove that you don't need to sell out to publishers to stay afloat, though. Not to mention they have their own LN label, although I find it worrying that they haven't had any new light novels for a while now.

I guess they knew this would happen and are preemptively trying to stay as far away from the core anime industry as possible, but for what reasons other than maybe more economic stability, what exactly is their endgame?
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This is not a shitposting thread I'm serious.
That is not a word you'd use to describe KyoAni, or any business plan of any good company ever.

>you don't need to sell out to publishers to stay afloat
Of course. Their sales requirements to break even have dropped sharply when they went independent.

>trying to stay as far away from the core anime industry as possible
What is wrong with you? They just made a harem anime. They are 100% part of the core anime industry. They just keep the profits that they earn. Call them communists if you want. They fired their useless boss.
I didn't mean niche in the sense that they stopped doing anime for otaku, but how they're distancing themselves even more from the industry. I mean they were in Kyoto and already far enough from everyone, but now they have mostly stopped working with the big players in favor of having their own niche LN label for example. Kinda like how Studio 4C technically stopped doing 'anime' and are now working with French and American companies.

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It's that time of the year again
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Why does /a/ hate Kirito?
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Because they can't be like him.
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/a/ just hates edgy self-inserts for 12 year olds, it can't be helped.

/a/ is edgier than Kirito though. And I don't think I can remember a single time when Kirito was edgy, he was pretty reasonable actually.

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>He doesnt know about Legendary Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan 4 Rainbow mode
Not your fault though, my dad is my inside source and works at Toei
Who are you quoting?

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Did you?
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of course
Never watched this but is that a ballsack or a puffy vulva? Hard to tell these days
That's squap.

So here i am watching Pokemon XYZ, and all the sudden this scene happens....

any other examples of kids shows pushing the boundaries of PG-13?
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pic 2/2
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You are now aware that Aizen never used his Bankai once
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Ok, here's a theory: Aizen never achieved bankai in the first place.
He just made everyone believe he had one with Kyouka Suigetsu.
But he did, you just can't remember it.
Didn't he use it in the form of hollow release on his way to evolve to butterfly man?
Not sure if it counts. Just finished watching the Animoe, does it ever get decent again?

Phino's a great semen demon, but she can't even compare to the overlord of semen demons.

What's her name again?
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That's the face of a woman that'll suck you dry whether you ask her to or not. Also,

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Look at the size of that dick ripper. She's supreme overlord. It only makes sense.

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Annaconda 3.png
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This is an Annaconda hunting the herbivorous betamaximus
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Anna is invincible.
this makes me sad every time
Reminder that Anna's va died.

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How many plot holes does this page create?

>While Kid Buu was killing and absorbing the supreme Kais, Beerus didn't show up
>When Supreme Kai was about to die by Majin Buu on Earth, Beerus didn't show up
>"Beerus was sleeping anon"

If Kais and Gods of destruction share the same fate, shouldn't Beerus or any other god of destruction care more about the Kais?

And if there are Supreme Kais of the North, South, East, and West, doesn't that mean that there are Gods of destruction for the North, South, East, and West as well?
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Isn't the supreme Kai that trained Goku death anyways?
Death just doesn't seem to work on the DBZ universe anymore.
N, S, E, W Kais are not supreme kais.

There's only one supreme kai per universe

Of course Toei fucked that up too, by having two supreme Kais for Goku's universe.

Is it old supreme kai as the other set for Beerus or is it the younger supreme kai?

Only Toie knows, but we've probably put more thought into this than they have.
Beerus was sleeping.

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Who would win in a battle?

Of course we're considering golden age Guts here.
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What kind of battle? Are we talking about sword against sword, or "sword" against "sword"?
same answer either way
I think Thors is physically stronger

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Which one would you /a/?
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Vampire loli. No contest.
Mina >>>> every other girl in the manga
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