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So this crazy midget bitch just decided to straight up assault someone with a wooden sword for what?
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Breaking the heart of the guy she likes.
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To prove to otaku that she's waifu material.
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She's a teenager you imbecile, teenagers are all violent and overdosed with hormones. They do not think or care about other people.

>B-But I wasn't like that!!
Good for you

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Why didn't she kill herself?
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>inb4 "why don't you kill yourself?"

Anyways, because she wanted to be popular you dumb
Tomoko when she's able to communicate with boys.
Yeah, and she clearly failed in that endeavour despite her absolute best efforts. She's watching people around her (some who were once at the same level as her) grow successful socially. She has several insecurities that won't go away despite multiple people reassuring her. Anyone who used to respect her lost that respect. She has very few friends, less real ones. She can't socialise. She's Japanese. All of that perfectly blends into a recipe for a suicide. I want to know why she was able to gain the strength to not put her head through a noose.

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What fucking shit happened?
How the FUCK do you go from a seinen to a fucking shoujo soap opera?
I can't pinpoint exactly where it lost me but it took a dive off a fucking mountain after Versailles.
I'm in awe at how quickly it went from great to complete and utter trash.
Was every scene without Charles in it written by his 8 year old daughter or some shit?
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>I have no idea what seinen and shoujo mean
Lurk for at least two years before posting.
Shoujo was an exaggeration to communicate the jarring tonal shift
He's right you know.
Sure it's published in a seinen mag, but it's gone stereotypically josei.

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What the fuck is his problem?
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What the fuck is her problem?

>likes getting beat
He can't say warm.
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a fucking leaf
Not paying full price for a third of a movie.
what's the fucking point? it's already out on BD. even then it's barely worth downloading. SHAFT ruins everything they touch

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Eris is my Goddess!
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But not a lot of people will bother translating it as YP bought rights

Please describe this child.
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Machiruji Hayoi
Pretty shitty desu
The reason I dropped the anime in the third or fourth episode.

So, this ended.

I still don't get it.
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Wait it's over?
I can finally start reading it?
it was shit. le message to humanity manga

basically it tells you life is just a never ending cycle and that humanity should be kinder.

could have had that wrapped up in 30 chapters or less too. His other manga had a much more intriguing story than this shit.
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Holy fuck. It's true, it ended. I didn't even started to reading.

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The main character of the last anime you watched is now Miyauchi Renge. What happens?
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Renge happens, if you know what I mean.

I actually don't.
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Weekend's here, let's party the night away! Post gif/webm of dancing animu grills

It's time again to listen to anime remixes and EDM tunes straight from Japan, mixed live by our fine crew of little DJ girls!

Link is in the pastebin

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tl;dr Modern Japanese voice actors are bad

and weeb faggots always say japanese voice actors are far more superior to american ones because "muh real emotions!".

turns out that its all shit no matter the country. You just think japanese sounds better because its in a foreign language you dont understand.
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Modern voice actors are just idols or stupid whores who have no talent. Everyone knew that alredy.

By the way who the hell even cares about anime that much I just love fapping to it. Fapping to anime is the best thing ever.
She is just tired of idolshit seiyuu
After almost 55 years watching anime, I'm impressed she's still as bad as modern rookie voice actors

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Why does she sit like that?
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It's magic, I aint gotta explain shit.
Having a dick inside you while watching videos is comfy
Maybe her butt hurts

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Why are girls with blue hair always so perfect?
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Red haired girls are usually better, but I will conceed defeat this one time as Aqua is best KonoSuba.
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fuck off you useless goddess

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Now that the dust has settled, what do we think of Gundam Reconguista in G?
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>Now that the dust has settled, what do we think
shit show
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My favorite Gundam show.

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Like what you see?
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Yes, but I'm not proud of it.

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