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This is your date tonight
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good, she will be like a mother to me
I want to shout into her crotch and listen for the echoes.
You won't hear anything, she's better than you think

So between who is the greatest love story ever told, /a/?

>childhood princess
>gun girl

I-It's 50 cent r-right?
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Hime is best. But she won't win ;_;
but why?
>but why?
The latest chapter already explained it. Kanye will never abandon the princess, but she isn't the one he wants to marry. And Sento will never leave the princess either, even if it kills her.

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So...What is this about?
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#rekt - The Manga
It's porn
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It says right on the cover.

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Quiz Time!

Who's best girl this season?
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God i love threads like this.

Once they get going you get to experience actual physical ass hurt and hatred for another's taste in cartoon girls.

let the games begin!
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Personality wise Justice.
Body wise, the teacher in Amanchu

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Remember when rollerskating was a thing?
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I remember owning a pair of roller skates and putting them on.
2 minutes later I took them off because they were difficult to use. They disappeared in the cellar and we never spoke of them again.
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No, and neither does Oh Great!
Yes? And?

Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai, yes or no?
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I watched it, I don't remember a thing; which more or less means it wasn't noteworthily good or bad. So passable and remarkable.
Read the LNs.
I've been reading them and they are entertaining. Mari a cute.

Do you like girls with spears?
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Remove the girl and I will say yes.
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I like girls in thicc, covering armour, with long, sturdy polearms and the want and knowledge to use them.
I don't know, tell me about them.

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Why is 3rei so boring?
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I have yet to see a decent still.
What the fuck did they do to the budget?
Because it's the most Fateshit season.
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Probably has to do with the speed of the action. Angelica's swords move too slow and there is those odd pauses in combat where everyone is just standing and staring.

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name a single instance where an anime adaptation is better than the manga
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Usagi Drop
Full Metal Alchemist
Usagi Drop
Gakou Gurashi
Fate: UBW (Shut up. I know.)

how to make GATE better?
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Make USA the good guys and save the incompetent Nip military.
Have at least one of the Japanese women get together with one of the native men.

USA would just nuke the whole plane

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>No Megumeme thread
What is wrong with you people?
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>4 months until S2

Your wife Chino is so cute!
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I miss him too
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My kanojo gave me a chocolate!

QC was MIA so... if you see a mistake let me know.
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Why are rooms in anime always devoided of any modern technology like PC, consoles or any of that stuff?

I live in 3rd world country and even I have PC, consoles etc in my room and Japan is supposed to be 1st world country. What do kids there do with their free time?
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Because Anime isn't Japan?
They have phones for that. Less than a third of Japanese children even use PCs.
>What do kids there do with their free time?


Discuss this show here, want to know what im getting myself into before binging 110+ episodes ...
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Do it you pussy
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Not an argument
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It's very good, you should definitely give it a try.

However, you should watch two of the movies prior to going into the series proper - My Conquest is the Sea of Stars, which is a sort of 'intro' to the series that takes place not long before the series starts, and Overture to a New War, which is the retelling of the first two or three episodes with a much higher production value and more story behind some characters and story elements.

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