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Show for the 7 anons who watch it because this doesn't get a thread every week and I have really no idea why people don't watch this.
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Maybe I'm all alone here.
He's not CG anymore.
Did not even know about this one maybe I will give it a watch later

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I marathoned the Endless Eight in one sitting expecting something to change in the next episode.
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I watched a show that /a/ said was good.
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This one hit too close to home.
I started watching it.

What is her endgame?
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Someone explain this. I thought that the next episode was entitled Unrelenting Sloth or something similar. Why's Ram there?
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what gender is this qt?

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so why do nips have such bad taste
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>500 people polled
>Japs mad as fuck their perfect submissive boring waifu didn't win

Every time.
I can't understand why they all want pets instead of actual waifus.
It's not like it doesn't happen over here, either.

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is anyone taking this shit seriously anymore? Not even kids find this interesting anymore.

Remember back when we got good plot and good villains and introductiona great arcs like the saiyans invading earth, and leading to the frieza saga?
Yeah, now we just have evil Goku......
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>Not even kids find this interesting anymore
>Constantly in and out of the top 10 rating

>no super saiyan black

what a racist as nipponjin
>Not even kids

you mean manchildren.

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Episode 22 soon

when do we get to see more cute jewloli
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I need more Mimi in my life.
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I would literally force feed her with my burgers
It already came out on gogoanime.

They dropped the ball on that Betelgeuse animation, Jesus.

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Be honest, how many of you actually seen these?
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I've seen Love Hina Again.

Most of the shows there are pretty meh. It's a troll chart.
3, but I have a few others downloaded waiting for an opening in my schedule.
Da Capo and Love Hina. I regret watching one of them.

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You have the chance to take an apotoxin pill. You know what effect it may have on you, but not what is actually going to happen.
Do you take it?
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What is a Apotoxin pill? Does it have anything to do with old computers?
"Developed by biochemist Shiho Miyano, Apotoxin 4869 (APTX4869) was intended to be used by a secretive criminal syndicate to commit murders, but not leave any trace of the toxin behind in the corpse. It induces apoptosis, a programmed cell death in which it removes the signals that restrain the cell from self-destructing.[2] Unbeknownst to her and the syndicate, APTX4869 does not kill 100% of the time, but occasionally causes the human body's cellular structure to physically regress to a significantly younger state. Aspiring high school student detective Jimmy Kudo (Shinichi in Japanese version) was the first victim to survive this toxin, becoming 10 years younger. Later, Shiho survived using the toxin to regress to a girl around the same age as Jimmy when she attempted to escape the syndicate."
From wikipedia
too much of a risk

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Why are anime originals so superior?
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Because they are made with the medium in mind, unlike manga and LN adaptations.
>Why are anime originals so superior?

Literally there hasn't been a great gundam show in more than a decade.

Chapter 127 is out.
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Why aren't there more characters in anime and manga that have tattoos?
Is it just because it makes them harder to draw and artists don't feel like going through effort or is it because Japs think anyone with tattoos is a yakuza?
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Just read Gang King, the entire thing is about tattoos.
tattoos being ugly as fuck probably has something to do with it too
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>Pushing FeMCs back against the wall.
Why women love this fanservice so much?
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It's a "Bad boy" trait, and also an action that displays incredible confidence.
Women are hot for drywall.

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This is your mother for tonight.
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I don't need STEPMOTHER
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>we are going to devour your guts after we're finished


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Why does every character act like an autist? The only decent one is that blonde chad who I hope gets to fuck both of the main girls because the MC is a fucking faggot.
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>expecting good characters from self insert trash like yahari

your fault
Only way the author can keep the drama going. Shit should have ended a long time ago.

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>tfw no good anime comes out on Sunday
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But it's Monday.
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>tfw no good anime comes out

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