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>that manga that no one ever talks about even though it's top tier

What's her name /a/?
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Phoenix, maybe.
Though to be fair it does get discussion once in a blue moon.
>pic no related

Also Haruka na Machi e, or any Jiro Taniguchi manga for the matter, pity since he is one of my favorite authors.
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Alice in Borderland. Why is it not discussed more here?

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Look at how happy he is

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He is just happy to be here
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>OVA pic
>no "JoJo" in the post
Based OP.
This is secretly a JoJo thread. I'm doing this to keep the shitposters away since it worked last thread

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>"Ara ara, Anon-chan, what are you looking at?"
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That meaty cock
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The new dress I'm buying for Sylvie.

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Is there literally anyone on this board who doesn't know classics like the ring?
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Of course I know the Ring of the Nibelung. How can there be any doubt?
Of course I know about The One Ring. I also know of the Book of Five Rings.
I have a cock ring.

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Remember, Salad is good for your health.
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I want to fuck that salad
I legit haven't had vegetables in maybe three months.
Nope. Even washed, it's full of pesticide.

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ITT: Average looking characters that are canonically hot
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By what standard?

ITT characters you feel sorry for for reasons outside of their own series

Forded mirrior times grill, definitely
>Gets fucking raped
>Japanese drops her manga not out of anger at mistreatment of the heroin, but because they don't like her anymore and she's used goods
>Artist has to retcon her getting raped to make the Japs care about her or the series anymore
Fuckin' harsh shit, man.
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what the fuck is wrong with japan
>Gets fucking raped

Did this really happen? I keep hearing about it, but I can find zero evidence of it. I would think by now, we would have proof that this "original" LN with the rape in it existed. If it is true, the author is a spineless pussy for letting his work be changed by angry otaku.
Letting your main heroine get raped is not a smart move

Yo what the fuck?
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You got a problem with sniffing panties, fag?
OP is literally a faggot
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>he never smelled of his sister's panties

Damn good stuff
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>that flat chest
He shouldn't have waited so long.
I'd rather die than be an eternal KHV.
Fuck off back to >>>/r9k/.

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Fuu a cute. Cute!
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Ephebos all up in here.
What the fuck do sunflowers smell like anyway?
Like a samurai.

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Otossan is best girl
Literally every character is purposefully designed to be cute.

And you're falling for it. Congrats, and remember to thank the nipjews.
Why is he so beta though? Can't even control his brat

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Nanatsu no Taizai Seisen no Shirushi
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New chapter when I want too see mel brutalize these ducks
subs when
Merlin never does shit

will she get to do shit in this

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So who's gonna win the Gutsbowl and why is it Farny.
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Farny X Elf King
Casca is basically Guts waifu at this point. He would never give her up unless she died.
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Why is Hai Yo so fucking hype?

>works out 247
>flat bellies
>have gigantic tits that are actually fat
>doesn' even wear a bra
>they are still firm
How is that even possible?
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Yaegashi Nan can't do any other body-type
Because it's not real.
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>Working out makes your tits sag

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Dio or Kira, who's the greater villain?
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Dio wanted to conquer the world
KIra wanted a quite life while killing some skanky whore
He said villain

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