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Big Three.jpg
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Whats the next "Big Three" /a/
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Well, One Piece will still be on top, but it needs to be something in a genre of story that would make most people would think of IT when they hear 'Japanese comic talking about X'.

So, just spitball ideas that haven't had an iconic international anime cover it, and that's what'll be the next of the big two. We haven't had a series about fighting with musical instruments, or at least one the international market has given a shit about.

This is actually pretty great.
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Yeah, sure looks great.
Good, not great.
Some nice legs.

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Those are Rice Krispy treats you goon.
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If you had to watch one of these shows in the English dub, which would you pick?
TTGL or Evangelion?
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TTGL. Shinji in the english version will make you want to kill yourself.
I thought that after watching part of the first ep. My intuition was probably right
holla is a gay

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This is your battleship for tonight.
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Abyssal thread?
Too slow Re, better luck next time.
Let the thread die, we already have enough people complaining about generals or whatever.
Best Class

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Now that the dust has settled, could /a/ finally admit that this show was good?
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Bottom of the barrel trash.
It's was alright, like a solid 7/10. I thought the Maki centric episode was really good.
Good storyboards and clean art but it's not a good show by any measure.

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Was there ever a plot to this show?
I want plotfags to leave.
King Baldy didn't like hair.

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So /a/ claims welcome to the nhk anime is better than the manga, why is that, couldnt you babbies deal with the dark themes?

And here we have the same people who read rezero sumarries and think they are edgy shit, fucking babies.
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Neither are great
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>dark themes

Why do you guys get so triggered over this series? I understand that it's full of cliches, but that's only a problem for people who grown up reading other shounen stuff. For kids who couldn't get the Bleach, Naruto and OP wagon from the start this series doesn't feel repetitive or derivative at all.
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You make a good point, however, most people here have read other battle shounen.

The problem lies not with the series, but with older readers expectations then.

I'm currently reading it and it feels like it takes the best of Fairy Tail and Naruto and give it a new spin to make things interesting.
Because series like Mc0 and Double Arts do original shit and die off, while cliche-ridden stuff like Nisekoi and Black Clover sell gangbusters.

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megumi in thought.jpg
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Is Saekano a harem? Only Eriri and Utaha seem to actually love Tomoya.
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Yes it is and Megumi sucks.
>Implying Megumi doesn't have feelings for him
Bait thread.
Yes it is but because Michiru and Izumi exist.

People who think Megumi loves Tomoya are the same type who think Yukino from Yahari loves 8man. Delusional as fuck.

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I said that I probably wouldn't do it today, but I'm also dumb.
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Aria v08 c40 - 142.jpg
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Aria v08 c40 - 143.jpg
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Aria v08 c40 - 145.jpg
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Just watched Alien 9. That was... hard to watch..
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Now read the manga. And then go find the author's semi official doujins on sadpanda.
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Not sure if I want to. Got zero enjoyment out of it.

What manga? Last chapter i remember was all the girls assimilating and a yuri kiss. Is it still going?

Also the anime i heard didnt last long.

Why is he acting like a respectable human being now? I can't fucking self insert to this.
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Chair Pull.gif
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I would have to say though, Subaru is getting on the fast track. And I don't like it. At all.
He needs more despair. Much more despair. It isn't fun seeing Subaru get everything going his way.
The higher the rise, the greater the fall anon.
>shutting down a nice qt oni maid who loves you for who you are for someone who views you as an acquaintance at best, all because of your blind pursuit of ignorant, nigh unattainable love, and pride
Subaru is literally human trash. He could be the savior of that universe/world and it all wouldn't mean shit because he can't even answer a true proper woman's feelings properly.

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Is there any "word" (like tsundere or yandere is used) to describe girls like Tomoko? I.e. Unkempt, probably dirty, a bit Pervy?
>inb4 mojo/mojyo
that shit means NOTHING outside the manga/anime
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Why do Vampires need breasts?
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Same reason humans do.
To seduce their prey.
The fat needs to go somewhere

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