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wolfgang grimmer.png
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Is this the saddest story of an anime character?
Wolfgang Grimmer from Monster
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I feel worse for all the guys that got butt fucked.
No, I've seen grimmer.
idk but thats a nice looking shirt

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How flawless was his plan?
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near headset.jpg
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he lost, so definitely not flawless
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Was it love?
Was getting caught part of his plan?

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Why does Guts love the cock so much?
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Thank you for ruining that doujin for me fucking nigger.
Underrated post

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Why does best girl never win?
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Someday their normie edition will start
because you dont deserve nice things now do you?
the cavalry contest has gone on for way too long, holy fuck

this is a japanese boy and his boyfriend
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I don't care.
I remember he was straight what hapenned?
>dress as a whore
He was just inside his closet.

Just finished pic related as it's essentially the Watchmen of manga (I'm an ignorant baka).

Wondering where to go next, I'm thinking of Astro Boy since I know Tezuka was influenced by Carl Barks and I'm reading his duck comics at the moment, either that or I'm thinking of giving Jojo a try.

Is Dragon Ball worth it? I know it's probably the most widely known anime/manga property in the West, but I've no idea if it's actually any good or just entry-level pleb stuff.

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>I know Tezuka was influenced by Carl Barks
He was?
Why do you approach manga like an historian? Just go read something not outdated as fuck already. Something you'll really like, not something to feel knowledgeable about a subculture.

Something like Elfen Lied.

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Digimon Adventure Poster.jpg
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What went right?
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>Actually had a set ending rather than going on and on.
>Strong characterizations for the characters as well as making them relatable and humanized with their own flaws and strengths
>Strong sense of enduring adventure and child-like wonder that actually made the audience bond with the characters.
>Detailed fights
>Cool monsters
>Villains who didn't fuck around
>Dramatic moments
I love this anime. This godly anime doesn't deserve shit like Tri

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How high is the bar set to be her daiji na tomodachi da mon?
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Pretty damn low if even that flat slut Saya qualifies
She'll befriend anyone with a pulse, the slut.
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my wife, Saya, is so cute!

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>she sees your dick
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Confirmed chapters adapted:

Keep in mind that most of the fluff will be cut out.
Childhood flashback (ch1-3)
The notebook/becoming friends/muh bread (ch5-7)
Shouya meets Ueno again/Shouko confession/amusement park stuff/Shouya and Yuzuru watching the tape of Ueno talking to Shouko and slapping her (ch18-28)
The festival/Shouko's suicide attempt (ch41-43)

Ueno going batshit and getting her shit pushed in by Shoukomom comes after ch43, no idea if that will be included though.
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Damn Subaru is in everything nowadays.
That little boy in the right is so cute.
God bless Futoshi Nishiya.

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>random fish guy saved the entire Dragon Ball universe
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>dragon ball
i thought this board is for mature adult people
What's wrong? Not enough waifubaiting and fanservice?

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Look at your keyboard, what do you see between the keys T and O?
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Ishida Zui
idk you tell me if your so smart

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Just watched Jin-Roh for the first time

What a good movie. Some of the scene transitions caused physical feelings to me.

I feel a bit depressed after it.

I give it a 9 out of 10
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why did that stupid retard kill girl
peer pressure
It's shit

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Pic related: best girl
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sorry wrong pic
Id put mugi at #3 behind ritsu and mio, then yui then azusa

Fuck azusa
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how can one girl be so best girl?
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Chin of an angel
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Posting a pic from rebuilds

She gets no development and is utter shit in the rebuilds it makes me mad
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kimochi warui.png
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Compared to NGE...

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