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Is there a more perfect character?

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Patrician taste.
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Never post that shitty image again.

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or any fictional character and his image fighting will make that character "real" enough for him to fight?
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>this garbage is still going on

What went wrong?
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I just want more fate animated content, please tell me this isn't going to turn me into a pedo
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This isn't going to turn you into a pedo.
This is going to turn you into a pedo.

>implying you are not already one
>Watching *dad walks in* the show

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Is she a new nee-san?
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GOOD. I mean GOOD. Fuck em, I need to sleep more.

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Pic definitely not related. Shit is terrible if youre watching this on your own
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Eromanga Sensei is worse but also more boring.

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OK so for those who have watched the anime or read the web novel, you know that Subaru is literally the dumbest person ever and he only uses his 'from the 21st century' knowledge like what, three, maybe four times at most? yes, for having knowledge of technology a few hundred years ahead of the world he was transported to, he doesn't even try to create tools from his age into existence.

One of the dumbest parts was the white whale subjugation. were there any ranged weapons that were not of magical origin? seeing that, why not attempt to create a (albeit shoddy) cannon? like the ones on ships in the 16/1700s?

please comment with things he did terribly wrong, like how he literally made a fool out of himself and Emilia during the Royal Selection meeting, proceeding to get fucked up by julius.
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It's not because you're making a shitty thread you have to post a shitty image, retard.

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How long do you think it'll take before this becomes Samurai Flamenco 2.0? I give it 3-4 more episodes.
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It won't.
They already have Kamidaio as a rival.
That should be enough for the second half when the team is complete.

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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
Good morning Koume.
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>eight of clock

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Why does Kumiko love Asuka so much?
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Its a yuribait series, she loves every girl
But not romantically of course haha!
Asuka is the ideal every girl must strive for
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Kumiko as a best girl also recognizes that Asuka is a best girl too.

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ITT: Shows /a/ tricked you into watching, but turned out disappointing you.
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Any show with a general.
Nothing, I never trust /a/'s opinions.

I look at MAL and ANN.

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Were they the good guys all along?
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fuck no
consistently mediocre since the 80s

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Which one would you /a/?
I cant believe the 2 look alikes actually is airing this season. If only Umineko has a Season 2 right now it would have been 3.
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Remind me who has this style again?
Also Enma Ai the best.
>sticking your dick in two different types of crazy

No but they're both cute.
Lucifer, I guess.

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She didn't deserve it.
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Deserve what exactly?

Yea, dumb and cruel parents isn't a thing anyone deserves. But what comes after murder is more like Crime and Punishment and she picks suicide as an sort of moral salvation.
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I was devistated by what happend to her and how realisticly it was handeled but not once did i think she didn't deserve it. To quote punpun " you really are a stupid bitch" when she takes his eye out.
Am I the only one that disliked this? People claim it is all super realistic and stuff, but I think they all just act stupid just for drama's sake

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I read the original King of Games manga, would I like anything from the Duelist manga? I remember the anime being horrible.
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