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What an unsatisfactory ending.

>Expected Mikado to kill himself
>Expected Izaya or Shizuo to die


I can't wait for an anime adaption of SH. Btw, Mikado is the biggest faggot MC in a show ever.
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He's pretty good after he embraces his inner sociopath.
>Expect people to die at all
>On a Narita work
>Hating on mootkado
You were doing a lot of things wrong. Like, there's a character in Baccano who literally had his throat sliced open and he's still alive and just fine in prison a few volumes later, and he wasn't even close to being relevant.
Convince me to pick up the first anime again. I dropped it after the Slasher killed those three skanks. I wasn't really feeling it. I was also watching SAO at the time and if that was any sign of an omen, then I don't want to see how far that perverted teacher is gonna go with Anri (unless he gets killed in the most ridiculous way too).

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Hello everyone!
It's yet another Tamamo Tuesday today!
What a time to be alive!

How were you doing this past week?
Did you read the newest (translated) chapter of the Foxtail manga?
It was pretty funny to finally see the hot-springs arc translated.
Suzuka-Gozen and Tamamo are really similar, aren't they?
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Truly a best servant combo.

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Holy moly, Gainax, please, give it a rest. Diebuster was bad enough.

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Gunbuster was bad enough
Nig you crazy. Gunbuster aims for the top and hits it out of the park. Diebuster is Reddit shit in comparison.
Gunbuster is pretty bad outside of the select Gunbuster scenes that happen to feature the eponymous robot. But people like to write it off as good because of the good ol' bandwagon.
But don't get me wrong. Diebuster was also shit and didn't have many scenes comparable in quality to Gunbuster's.

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Just finished rewatching GXP. Oh boy that was a hell of a ride. So much nostalgia and its much better now that it was when i watched it for the first time.

would love to read the Novels, heard he has a even bigger harem.

Did you like GXP?

Isekai is next
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i only would have liked GXP more if the MC's voice wasnt so retarded. Something like isekai Kenchi voice would have been better.

Eng dub is even worse for MC.
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So from the perspective of people who aren't big fans, Is Jojo's Bizarre Adventures one of the best shonen series?
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Jojo is honestly one of the best manga series I've ever read. All of the cancerous haters can fuck off.
Dropped it at episode 8. No

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I still can't believe that it's over

How did it capture our hearts so?
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>How did it capture our hearts so?

It's called 'being 13'.
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>How did it capture our hearts so?
You know how...

This series would've been at least three times more popular if it focused more on mecha action and girls.
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It would have been three times more shit

Miguel and Tulip Join the Army is the best premise I ever heard, the only thing that held ot back was too many scenes focused on T&A.

Best chapters in the novels focus on characters that are not the two fags.

Putana and Mariydi are so much better than them.
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Are you going to keep spamming this until someone agrees with you? I don't even feel like making a point because you'll just be in the next thread regurgitating the same points while ignoring or deflecting anything people say.

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>Makoto Shinkai's Latest Film Is Poised to Be 1st Non-Miyazaki Anime to Top 10 Billion Yen


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keitai finds a way
As expected of traced normie shit.

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What are you working on?
What do you wish got picked up?
What do you need help with?
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Mokona smile.jpg
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Working on shit but I don't think anyone cares
>pick up a manga
>Kirei Cake is scanlating it
>What do you need help with?
Finishing all the shit I want to read so I can get back to actually translating.

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>No quirk
>Dishing out street justice
This what Deku is should've been

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I just want more Popstep x Gentleman
I enjoyed this, I liked how it mirrors BNHA chapter 1 in some aspects with different twists of course.

But the drawing needs to improve A LOT.
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that dude wouldn't stand against actual villains that deku has to fight.

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Mob Psycho 100.jpg
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Don't think there has been any other anime this year that can compete with Mobu.

Its either between this or boku no hero academia this year without a doubt.

Do you agree /asp/ ??
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I meant /a/ not /asp/. Fucking auto-correct on the phone.
Best of the season for sure
Hatsukoi Monster is objectively AOTS.

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Studies have shown that switching to once-daily Monet discussion improves thread quality and healthy conversation by 290%

Improve your thread today! Believe in the burdtits.
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Monet is cute.

But not as cute as Pudding.
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Even the real life actors like each other.
SanjixNami confirmed
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I like her real form better

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Thoughts on Inazuma Eleven?
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Best waifus of any football/soccer anime.
Is it subbed?
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Once again anime for kids is the best

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So why the hell does The Witch/Satella love Subaru in the first place?
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Why did the villagers love Subaru?
Why did Felix love Subaru?
Why did the witches cult love Subaru?
Why did Julius Love Subrau?
Why did everyone suddenly love Subaru just because he told them about the whale?
Because Subaru is the archbishop of love.
Because Subaru is the reincarnation of her husbando

because Subaru taught them Sweatin to the Oldies exercises, but also saved them from wolves and cultists

because felix is a gay

because Betelgeuse smells the stink of the Witch all over him

because Julius is a gay


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Why do people like this show so much?
I watched the first season and it was OK at best, I even hated Lelouch at some points.
It wasn't bad, but I didn't think it deserved the praise it got.
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>I even hated Lelouch at some points.
There's your problem, the love for this show is driven by him.
>Why do people like this show so much?
Because we have better taste than you.
Because you're fucking new

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