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>Togashi decides to make many characters appear in Black Whale arc since he’d like to know what will happen in a chaotic situation.
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Too bad we'll never know.
did it get put on haitus again?
also what is killua up to?

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Weekend Waifu and Husbando Drawthread #2

Remember to relax and take it easy. Report and ignore shitposting.


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Putting her hair up in the same style as Kirias default style or wearing any of her other outfits. - http://imgur.com/a/mvtME

A joint request with Hinafag like practicing magic together or anything more specific that he may have in mind.

Dressed as either Lyn, maybe with a focus on the exposed thighs; or as Naga. - http://imgur.com/a/5XApL

Wearing Zamasus Kai clothing and doing some sort action or dynamic pose. - http://imgur.com/a/JDFhk

Or anything cute or slightly suggestive/lewd is fine too. Thank you.
I would like to request Mai Natsume preparing to throw or throwing her spear:

Another suggestion is Mai in her combat outfit holding a morning star lily:

Other ideas would also be appreciated.
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Requesting handbra jeans of my Kobori, please. If possible, include some focus on her perfect midriff.


Another idea is her in a nurse outfit, tending to my ailing SI.


Anything else is fine, cutelewd included.

Has it ever been an anime girl more humiliated than Leina from Queen Blade?
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It's like a shitty hentai quote. "Your dick is making me retarded!" but it actually happened.

What episode was this from?

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Why does Kumiko talk to her cactus? Is it autism?
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>not having cute girls talk to your plants

Insulting your plants can be great fun. They're even less aware of it than dogs.
>he doesn't love his cactus
Fuck off autist

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Knuckleduster is cool as fuck; he's like Batman minus the edge.

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So why did he not hate/pity fuck her?
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Is Moeka the most rapable girl in anime?
>She doesn't have a route where they end up together
She was the one needing it the most

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are you afraid of being v& or something
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Well, no, but they're going to RUIN it, and it's going to be AWFUL and filled with filthy SECONDARIES.
Threads are already bad as it is.

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I'll start.
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did he fugg morg already? sex outside of marriage is absolutely haram
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Best boy is back.
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Oh, and it's out on MS

>person who eats the least
>gets to go to the land with the most food

wonder what relevance he will have to the story
>Hercles and Moon are trying to recover
>it is hard for bird king to regenerate
>snake king is gone for good
Well, at least Snake King has its moment.

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Is Oretama the greatest lovestory ever told?
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Sorry anon, neo-/a/ hasn't read it.

It's great tho
>you will never have satan stuck in your balls
why am i living on this gay planet again?
>tfw no succubus girlfriend

They have posted a teaser for the OAD and at the very least it seems that it will have Itagaki's style.

Do you gusy think it will be original content or they will animate Baki vs Yuujiro?

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I'm down. Anime is severely lacking in martial arts shows and has been for the last few years.
baki a cute
signed i wish there were more anime or manga with muscle bound men
do nip girls dislike muscles?

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Who's your favorite villain?
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says the guy who wrote DIO, one of the most "evil for the sake of being evil" characters ever

that said, Kira and Valentine were at least good
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>If you look in the real world you'll notice that the truly strong people try not to be evil

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Good morning, /a/.
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Who the fuck are you and what did you do with my waifu?
>English patch never
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This is why you start learning moon, anon.

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RIP thread
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Was it rape?
Jesus fuck though, more NTR faces
Fumita's out of control
Emasculation complete.

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3-days opening weekend (including Monday since it was a holiday) and it cannot even break the 500m mark, how will KyoAni recover from this?
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It's doing better than Kizu did though
Nobody gives a shit about kizu. Kimi no na wa is the big thing in nip land.
it flopped because it couldn't break the 600m mark, it flopped because it couldn't break the 700m mark, etc

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