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Luluco is AOTY so far right?
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>Short meme anime with shit animation

Nice meme triggerfag
Fuck off

You are the villain who just cornered the main heroine.

What do?
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"you will be spared for now"
Die because she had bullshit plot armor
Bathe her, and bring her to me.

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Damnit fumita
I don't wanna call it emasculation
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I'm still amazed that this beta-ass shota turned into a Greek demigod.
There's always room for all of us to make it bro. You just gotta start now
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More Dejavu in panel 2

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>be one of the worst and most generic anime of the entire year
>have a fucking awesome OP
Why do they always do this

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>he doesn't realize that harems aren't about the plot, but the character designs
Sounds like a classic case of metal kid
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Claire a best. A BEST.

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It's Monday!
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I love you, Miuna!
Thank you, Miuna for protecting my smile. <3
Thrusting deep inside Miuna while gripping her hair loops

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i actually cried
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Anyone with a heart did.
Yeah, that hit me hard

But the question is, was it worth it? I would say no, Io lost the battle but Daryl basicly became incapable of having a life outside the war, both physicaly and mentaly
>Daryl basicly became incapable of having a life outside the war, both physicaly and mentaly
on the other hand, he would literally be without a life if he didn't

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How do you rate Kyoto Animation facilities?
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>using fans when drawing
It's shit/10
I don't care/10
It's a little wooden.

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ITT: Mangas that are officially unofficially dead

It was just getting good too. Been 7 months since an update
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Stop reminding me, it hurts so fucking bad!
How about stop being a little bitch about it. 7 months isn't that much.

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So I just started reading Berserk a few days ago, and I just got to the boat. How many years am I supposed to wait before continuing so I can experience the true suffering of longtime Berserk fans?

Random thoughts:
>The Berserker armor kinda feels like a shitty powerlevel copout so Guts can be as strong as he needs to be whenever he needs to be
>Puck annoys the fuck out of me and I wish the fairies didn't do so much 4th wall breaking stuff, but I understand why he's there for plot progression reasons
>Schierke is cute and I wish she was my daughter
>Would Guts have forgiven (at least understood sacrificing the Band of the Hawk) Griffith if he hadn't raped Casca?
>Will Charlotte find out about Griffith raping Casca, and is Griffith's spell on her so strong, would she just rationalize it away?
>That kid on the beach is Guts and Casca's son, right?
>There's absolutely zero chance this will end peacefully for Guts, right?
>Zodd is a cool guy
>I think I'm a Griffithfag, he's one of the more interesting characters I've ever encountered
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>muh armor
>muh casca
>muh happy and friendly group of friends
>muh loli not that loli are bad though
berserk is shit now
I forgot to add that under Random Thoughts, Casca is really annoying now. I really liked her in the Golden Age arc. Speaking of which, that's probably the best arc of the whole series thus far, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was the best thing to come out of Berserk when the series ends.

Someone told me before I started reading this that if anything, I should watch the 90s anime before I start reading, because the anime will seem shitty after reading the manga, but that the anime ends on a really effective cliffhanger. Where does the anime end, exactly?
The Berserker armor needs to do damage to one of Guts' comrades to really feel like a threat. Griffith's past didn't feel significant for me to give a shit about his reasons.

Honestly, the brand is still going to squirt out blood when he gets to fight the Godhand.

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>Re:Zero would have been better with a different protagonist

Is there a more retarded statement than this? Re:Zero without Subaru would have been forgettable generic Isekai garbage.
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It's already a generic isekai anime.
Also utter garbage
It's already forgettable generic Isekai garbage. It just has a shit protagonist as well.

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What are you looking at pervert?
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>ruining shinka
Shinka was the only thing that survived Chuu-2 and the show treated her like shit.
Your big, fat floppy tits that I want out.

Did they ever explain why Elf girl said her name was Satella in loop 1?
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Probably because she was trying to push him away as she thought he was getting close to her with ulterior motives.
But saying her name is Satella is basically admitting to being the witch, any normal person in that world would have strangled her to death right there and then. She had no idea that Subaru had no idea who Satella was. Pretty fucking risky move just to bat some harmless kid away.
>strangled her to death right there and then

I think they would run in terror

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Fuck Madoka. Why's she so smug?
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She became comfortable in the knowledge that she is the best girl.
Because if anyone tries to fuck with her, she knows that they'll get their shit kicked in by a demon.
Because she knows she made Homu into her bitch.

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Pretty much. It's so good I do't even feel any heat from trolls. Everything they say just sounds like the worst bait possible.

Especially when numbers are on shinkais side
I'm still waiting for a proper rip to come out.
Yeah, the preview copy watermark was a bit detracting.

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Is black hair the most beautiful hair color?
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most boring
That would be red with a hint of brown
That's brown.

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