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The antagonist from your 2nd favorite anime has been replaced by Betelgeuse. How much does it improve?
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Buteljizz gets creampied by the Z fighters.
It got worse because I dislike this dumb reddit-tier character.


is...there an antagonist?

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2 more days.
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Oh shit, you're right.
in other words: will be a hit

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What's the proper way to treat a bratty amputee?
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Tickling, obviously.
Lots of facials
Call her names

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Boob Jiggle.gif
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Why is this allowed?
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Anime sucks that why
Nobuna was good fun, on the whole. Probably my favourite of all the different genderbent Sengoku anime.
Season 2 any minute, right?

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whats the difference between FMA and FMAB
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FMA has anime-original ending and FMA:B followed the manga to the end.

Watch the first half of FMA then watch FMA:B. FMA:B kind of glosses over the beginning parts because FMA did them so well.

Except the homonculus are almost all different lol.
Did anyone else prefer the original? Maybe it's because that's the one I saw first but I really prefer it.
Read the manga and fuck off, both suck compared to it.

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Would you play video games with Umaru?
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I would destroy every form of entertainment she has so she can quit being a selfish, useless little shit and become a productive member of society
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Is that even a question?

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Is the dub of Texhnolyze worth anything? I'm encoding the R2J's by request since the R1s have crushed blacks, and I'm wondering if I should bother adding the dub to this thing.
I don't really feel like listening to it to find out, though.
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Just stick it in an alternative audio track for the masochists
All dubs are inferior. Some people obviously will want it, so it really hinges on whether you want to enable retarded dubfags.
Problem is there's going to be a lot of retiming involved, and I'd rather not waste 25GB of someone's upload snatching the R1's, then doing the work to break out the episodes and retime them if it's especially bad.

>Worth it?
>Not B8, serious discussion
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If you've read the vn yes
I personally find it entertaining so I'd say you should give it a read.
The franchise is a mixed bag. It's worth giving a shot though since there is some pretty good stuff in there too.

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Kimi no na wa > The Cake's Garden > Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho > Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo > Cross Road > Dareka no Manazashi >Hoshi no Koe

Is that true?
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>no. 1 movie in Japan
>no. 1 anime in MAL

So this is the power of memes. Not bad.

Some anon said in another thread:

>I thought this movie was great. But they needed at least 10-15 more minutes in the middle to explain why taki and mitsuha fell in love.

I agree. This is a problem in all Shinkai movies. There is no romantic development, only the consequence of it.

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Why is this allowed?
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me in the bottom
What is this deviantart-tier garbage?
what's wrong with a little tg

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Yayo has given up on life
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Good, die puchis.
CG Puchis when.
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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
morning koume <3
Should I watch this before the 3rd of October or during?

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>ED is better than OP
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That's common enough and there's nothing wrong with it.
Also Luluco's OP was fun and catchy as hell.
>OP/ED's singer retired
Sucks whenever that happens.
>OP/ED singer died

rip Origa

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Sure the plot is nothing special, but man, does this show have the best cast of characters, doesn't it?
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honestly rock & revy drag the whole thing down, imagine how much better a show about Lotton, Sawyer and Chinglish would be

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>Tee-hee! Stop it Asuka, that tickles!
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Rei is an awesome sub.
I like in the catalogue there's a thread with Asuka whipping Rei and a thread with Rei smacking Asuka. Also this artist made a super hot image of Asuka and Rei strapped together.

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